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Do you have your own PACER account?

You must have your own PACER account, which will be linked to your CM/ECF filing account to access NextGen CM/ECF.  Shared PACER accounts may no longer be used by CM/ECF users.

Also separate PACER accounts will be required for users with multiple CM/ECF filing accounts.  Instead of using multiple CM/ECF accounts, setup filing agents under a single Attorney or Trustee account.

Have you upgraded your PACER account?

If you already have your own PACER account but it was created prior to August 11, 2014, you must upgrade it.

Does your firm need a Firm Billing Account (also known as PACER Administrative Account)?

Firms can set up a PACER Administrative Account (PAA) to manage all their user accounts and have central billing for PACER access fees.

On or after February 12, 2021 users must link the upgraded PACER account to a current CM/ECF account.

Do you know your current CM/ECF login and password?

You must know your current CM/ECF login and password before the Court upgrades to NextGen. If the login information is stored in the browser, it will be lost and not recoverable. If you do not know your login or password, contact the Clerk’s Office at

You must link your upgraded PACER account to your CM/ECF Account. 

You will need both your upgraded PACER login and password, and your ECF login and password, for this process. If you have not obtained your own PACER account, or if you have your own PACER account but you haven't upgraded it, see above.

For user documentation, learning aids, and how to videos, please visit How to Use PACER

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