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Fee Schedule

(Issued in Accordance With 28 U.S.C. Section 1930(b))
Effective 12/1/2023
 New Petition:  Chapter 7   $338
  Chapter 9   $1,738
  Chapter 11 (Non Railroad)   $1,738
  Chapter 11 (Railroad)   $1,571
  Chapter 12   $278
  Chapter 13   $313
  Chapter 15    $1,738
 Case Reopening:       
  **Chapter 7   $260
  **Chapter 9   $1,167
  **Chapter 11 (Non Railroad)   $1,167
  **Chapter 11 (Railroad)   $1,000
  **Chapter 12   $200
  **Chapter 13   $235
  **Chapter 15   $1,167
 Case Conversion:       
  Chapter 7 to Chapter 11 (Non Railroad)   $922
  Chapter 7 to Chapter 11 (Railroad)   $755
  Chapter 11 to 7 (If the trustee files the motion to convert, the fee is payable only from the estate that exists prior to conversion.)   $15
  Chapter 12 to Chapter 7   $60
  Chapter 12 to Chapter 13   $35
  Chapter 12 to Chapter 11   $0
  Chapter 13 to Chapter 7   $25
  Chapter 13 to Chapter 11 (Non Railroad)   $932
  Chapter 13 to Chapter 11 (Railroad)   $765
  Schedule "D" "E" "F"   $34
  Master Mailing List   $34
  Motion to Terminate, Annul, Modify
or Condition the Automatic Stay
  Motion to Compel Abandonment of Property   $199
  Motion to Sell Property of the Estate free and Clear of Liens   $199
  Motion to Sever (Splitting of Joint Debtors - Chapter 7)   $338
  Motion to Sever (Splitting of Joint Debtors - Chapter 9)   $1,738
  Motion to Sever (Splitting of Joint Debtors - Chapter 11)   $1,738
  Motion to Sever (Splitting of Joint Debtors - Chapter 12)   $278
  Motion to Sever (Splitting of Joint Debtors - Chapter 13)   $313
  Motion to Sever (Splitting of Joint Debtors - Chapter 15)   $1,738
  Motion to Redact   $28
  Motion to Withdrawal Reference   $199
  Pro Hac Vice Fee Information    
  Adversary Complaints   $350
  Appeals*   $298
  Cross Appeal*   $298
  *($5 notice of appeal fee + $293 docket fee)    
  Authorized Direct Appeal or Direct Cross-Appeal**   $307
  **(This fee is due upon Notice from the Court of Appeals that is a direct appeal/direct cross Appeal has been authorized.)  If filing such, please contact the Court to make alternate payment arrangements prior to filing at 302-252-2900 or    
  Certifications    $12
  Court CD Recording    $34
  Electronic copies stored outside and not maintained in CM/ECF or PACER (example: documents, audio recording or video recording)    $34
  Exemplications    $24
  Filing any document not in a case (Filing Miscellaneous Paper, Registration of Judgement from Another District)   $52
  PACER(web based access per page)     $.10 ($3.00 max per document) 
  Payments Returned or Denied for Insufficient Funds   $53
  Printing copies from Electronic Public
  Access Terminals (in clerks office) 
  Registration of Judgement from Another District   $52
  Reproducing/Photocopies (per page)    $0.50
  Retrieve Files from Federal Records Center    $70
  Retrieval of additional boxes (when 2 or more are retrieved)   $43
  Search Fee    $34
  Transfer of Claim   $28
Acceptable Methods of Payment:      
  The Clerk's Office accepts:    
  From Debtors - cash, money orders and cashier's checks.  Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted from debtors for payment of fees on any case.    
  From all others - cash, money orders, cashier's checks, personal checks, debit and credit cards.  CM/ECF users may also make payments online using ACH bank transfers.    
  No third party checks or other negotiable instruments will be accepted.    
  Checks and money order will not be accepted for more than the exact amount of the transaction.  If you are mailing a payment, please send it to the following address:    
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court, 824 N. Market St., Third Floor, Wilmington, DE  19801
  NOTE:  Customers paying by cash must have exact change.  The Clerk's Office is unable to make change.    
  All checks and money orders shall be made payable to "Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court".  Please include the appropriate case number(s) on the check or money order.