General Information

NOTICE FOR CM/ECF FILERS: CM/ECF filers please be aware of the potential to inadvertently share restricted documents when using third-party services or software. Sharing your PACER account credentials with a third-party service provider or designating that provider as a secondary recipient of a Notice of Electronic Filing or Notice of Docket Activity (NEF/NDA) will give it access to sealed or restricted case information and documents in violation of court order. Please use caution in your computer security practices to ensure that sealed or restricted documents to which you have access are not disclosed.


NOTICE REGARDING USE OF RECAP SOFTWARE: The court would like to make CM/ECF filers aware of certain security concerns relating to a software application or "plug-in" called RECAP, which was designed by a group from Princeton University to enable the sharing of court documents on the Internet. Once a user loads RECAP, documents that he or she subsequently accesses via PACER are automatically sent to a public Internet repository. Other RECAP/PACER users are then able to see whether documents are available from the Internet repository. RECAP captures District and Bankruptcy Court documents, but has not yet incorporated Appellate Court functionality. At this time, RECAP does not appear to provide users with access to restricted or sealed documents. Please be aware that RECAP is "open-source" software, which can be freely obtained by anyone with Internet access and modified for benign or malicious purposes, such as facilitating unauthorized access to restricted or sealed documents. Accordingly, CM/ECF filers are reminded to be diligent about their computer security practices to ensure that documents are not inadvertently shared or compromised. The court and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts will continue to analyze the implications of RECAP or related-software and advise you of any ongoing or further concerns.


CM/ECF PDF Content Criteria


Pro Hac Vice Information

Pursuant to the District of Delaware's Revised Standing Order For The District Court Fund, attorneys seeking Pro Hac Vice admission are required to make payments to District court per case. Receipt of this payment must be of record before the Pro Hac Vice motion is filed with the Bankruptcy Court. Evidence of this payment, consisting of a receipt number per case, will be required when docketing the motion with the Bankruptcy Court; filers are prompted to enter this receipt number in CM/ECF before the filing is complete.
An attorney who paid the pro hac vice admission fee to District Court may log in to PACER and query case number 77-mc-7777 to determine the date they paid and the associated receipt number.  If payment verification is needed for an earlier year, please contact the District Court's Help Desk at (302) 573-6170. Case 77mc7777 serves as a depository case ONLY for pro hac vice payments, and is not to be used for any other purpose.  Refer to the District Court's website for complete instructions for using Case 77mc7777 for payment of pro hac vice fees (in District Court, not Bankruptcy Court).

Docketing Instructions

Pro hac vice motions are to be filed electronically.  It is imperative that the updated Local Form 105, located on the website, is used exclusively going forward.  When filing in adversary cases, the caption should include case numbers for both the bankruptcy and adversary case.  There is no signature line with a date on the form because that will be added when the order is electronically signed.  If additional pages are required for certification information please add the certification on the second page, with the order information and blank space at the bottom of the first page. (This includes footnotes, the entire bottom of the first page must be blank) The electronic filing of the motion will not change.  After the motion is filed, there is an additional step to upload the proposed order into CM/ECF.  There is no need to submit a hard copy directly to chambers.  Please review the electronic learning module on the court's website for step by step instructions on uploading the order.

It has come to our attention that some filers are receiving an error when attempting to upload the order into ECF.  It is important when saving the PDF image of the motion/order that "Print to PDF" is selected rather than "Save As.  If an error occurs when uploading the order (i.e. syntax error or "incorrect font" error), metadata must be removed from the image.  Please follow the instructions attached here to remove the metadata and upload the newly saved image.


Attached are instructions on how to replace the image of a proposed order that was previously uploaded.  If only the proposed order requires amendments, it is not necessary to file a new motion for pro hac vice - you can simply replace the image of the previously uploaded proposed order.  Please review the instructions for steps on how to do this.

The pro hac vice fee may be paid, by check, to District Court, payable to Clerk, U.S. District Court, mailed or otherwise delivered to 844 N. King Street, Room 4209, Unit 18, Wilmington, DE 19801. Alternatively, a District of Delaware registered CM/ECF user/filer may pay the pro hac vice admission fee by credit card.
For credit card payment procedures, refer to the District Court website