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Case Name Case Number Judge Date Issuedsort ascending

NationsRent Inc. v. John I. Sheffield

02-2234 Judge Peter Walsh 06/18/2003

Essential Therapeutics Inc. et al.

03-11317 Judge Mary F. Walrath 06/13/2003

Carol Hanna et al. v. Stanton Crenshaw

02-1914 Judge Mary F. Walrath 06/12/2003

Sean C. Logan et al. v. Credit General Insurance Co. et al.

03-50408 Judge Mary F. Walrath 06/11/2003

HG Global Workplaces, Inc. et al. v. The Bank of Nova Scotia et al.

02-4757 Judge Mary F. Walrath 06/10/2003

IHDG Litigation Trust v. Blue Mountain Wallcoverings

02-1025 Judge Mary F. Walrath 06/10/2003

Stone & Webster, Incorporated, et al., v. Couts Heating & Cooling, Inc.

02-3974 Judge Peter Walsh 06/10/2003

Insurance Commissioner of PA et al. v. PRS Insurance et al.

02-1977 Judge Mary F. Walrath 05/30/2003

Classic Communications, Inc. et al. v. Echostart Communications

02-1391 Judge Peter Walsh 05/30/2003

Winstar Communications Inc., et al. v. Lucent Technologies Inc.

01-01063 05/29/2003

Harnischfeger Industries Inc., et al.

99-2171 Judge Peter Walsh 05/16/2003

Harnischfeger Industries and The Beloit Liquidating Trust

99-2171 & 99-2177 Judge Peter Walsh 05/15/2003

e.Spire Communications, Inc. v. Morris Plumbing & Electric Co., Inc.

02-1418 05/09/2003

TWA Inc. v. Greater Toronto et al.

03-70129 Judge Peter Walsh 05/06/2003

INACOM Corp., et al.

00-2426 Judge Peter Walsh 05/02/2003

Vencor, Inc. et al.

99-3199 Judge Mary F. Walrath 04/30/2003

INSILCO Technologies Inc., et. al.

02-13672 Judge Kevin J. Carey 04/18/2003

Lowewen Group Internation Inc., et al.

99-1244 Judge Peter Walsh 04/16/2003

Charter Behavioral Health Systems Inc. et al.

00-989 Judge Mary F. Walrath 04/08/2003

CYCH v. EVS Holding Company, Inc.

01-8856 Judge Mary F. Walrath 04/04/2003

John Caliolo v. TKA Fabco Corp.

02-3405 04/02/2003

Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors et al. v. Robert N. Elkins et al.

02-1830 Judge Mary F. Walrath 03/25/2003

RGC International Investors, LDC v. Tricord Systems, Inc. et. al.

02-4943 Judge Mary F. Walrath 03/24/2003

Crown Brooks Corporation

01-407 Judge Mary F. Walrath 03/17/2003

Dwight M. Morgan and Kimberly A. Morgan

02-11444 Judge Mary F. Walrath 03/14/2003