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In re: Healthcare Real Estate Partners, LLC, Case No. 15-11931 (CTG)

Healthcare Real Estate Partners, LLC v. Summit Healthcare REIT, Inc., et al., Adv. Pro. No. 16-50981 (CTG)

Memorandum Opinion regarding Plaintiff's Motion to Dismiss Counterclaim and Defendant’s Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings

16-50981 Judge Craig T. Goldblatt 02/04/2022

In re: Mallinckrodt PLC, et al.

OPINION regarding Confirmation 


20-12522 Judge John T. Dorsey 02/03/2022

In Re: AMC Investors, LLC, Debtor, Eugenia VI Venture Holdings, Ltd., on behalf of AMC Investors, LLC and AMC Investors II, LLC, Plaintiff, v. Maplewood Holdings, LLC, Maplewood Management LP, Maplewood Partners LP, Robert V. Glaser and Robert J. Reale. Defendants.

08-12264,08-12265,11-52317,11-52318 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 01/27/2022

Ryan K. Wolfson vs. Betsey DeVos on behalf of the Department of Education, Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, d/b/a Fedloan Servicing, Navient Solutions, Inc. and American Education Services

Adv. No. 19-50717


19-50717 Chief Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein 01/14/2022

In re: The Art Institute of Philadelphia LLC, et al., Case No. 18-11535

George L. Miller, Chapter 7 Trustee v. Todd S. Nelson, et al., Adv. Pro. No. 20-50627

Memorandum Opinion regarding Motions to Dismiss

20-50627 Judge Craig T. Goldblatt 01/12/2022

In re: Decade, S.A.C., LLC, et al., Debtors, David W. Carickhoff, solely in his capacity as chapter 7 trustee for the estates of Decade, S.A.C., LLC, et al., Plaintiff v. Aaron Goodwin and Eric Goodwin, Defendants.  Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law

18-11668, 19-50095 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 12/27/2021

In re:  The Hertz Corp., et al., Debtors

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A, Plaintiffs and US Bank,  Intervenor-Plaintiff,

v. The Hertz Corp., et al., Defendants

20-11218, Adv. 21-50095 Judge Mary F. Walrath 12/22/2021

In re Mallinckrodt PLC, et al.

OPINION AND FINAL ORDER Denying Motion for Allowance of Administrative Expense Claim and Sustaining Objection

20-12522 Judge John T. Dorsey 12/21/2021

In re: Welded Construction, L.P., et al., Debtors, Welded Construction, L.P., Plaintiff v. The Williams Companies, Inc., Williams Partners Operating LLC, and Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC, Defendants.  Memorandum Order

18-12378, 19-50194 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 12/20/2021

TK Holdings, Inc., et al.

Eric D. Green, as Trustee of the Takata Airbag Tort Compensation Fund v. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited

17-11375; 20-51004 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 12/20/2021

In re: MTE Holdings, LLC, et al., Case No. 19-12269

Chenault Vaughan Family Partnership, Ltd. v. MDC Reeves Energy, LLC, et al., Adv. Pro. No. 20-51005

Memorandum Opinion regarding Cross-Motions for Summary Judgment

20-51005 Judge Craig T. Goldblatt 12/17/2021

In re: Zohar III Corp., et al., Case No. 18-10512

Lynn Tilton; Patriarch Partners VIII, LLC; Patriarch Partners XIV, LLC; Patriarch Partners XV, LLC; Octaluna, LLC; Octaluna II, LLC; And Octaluna III, LLC, Plaintiffs, v.  MBIA Inc., MBIA Insurance Corporation, U.S. Bank, N.A., Alvarez & Marsal Zohar Management, Credit Value Partners, LP, Bardin Hill Investment Partners f/k/a Halcyon Capital Management LP, Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A., Värde Partners, Inc., Ascension Alpha Fund LLC, Ascension Health Master Pension Trust, Caz Halcyon Offshore Strategic Opportunities Fund, L.P., Caz Halcyon Strategic Opportunities Fund, L.P., Brown University, HCN LP, Halcyon Eversource Credit LLC, HLF LP, HLDR Fund I NUS LP, HLDR Fund I TE LP, HLDR Fund I UST LP, Halcyon Vallée Blanche Master Fund LP, Bardin Hill Event Driven Master Fund LP, Praetor Fund I, A Sub Fund of Praetorium Fund I ICAV; Hirtle Callaghan Total Return Offshore Fund Limited; Hirtle Callaghan Total Return Offshore Fund II Limited; Hirtle Callaghan Trading Partners, L.P.; and Third Series Of HDML Fund I LLC., Defendants.  Adversary Proceeding No. 19-50390


18-10512; 19-50390 Judge Karen B. Owens 12/16/2021

PES Holdings, LLC., et al., Plaintiffs, and ICBC Standard Bank PLC, Invervenor-P:laintiff. v. Alliance Global Risks US Insurance, Co., et al.,

19-11626, Adv. 20-50454 Judge Mary F. Walrath 12/15/2021

Creda Software, Inc., Debtor.  Case No. 20-10919

Allen Pulsifer, Plaintiff v. George L. Miller, Chapter 7 Trustee, Defendant.  Adversary Proceeding No. 21-51160

Court’s Letter Ruling re: George L. Miller, Chapter 7 Trustee’s Motion to Dismiss First Amended Complaint


20-10919; 21-51160 Judge Karen B. Owens 12/06/2021

MICHAEL GOLDBERG, in his capacity as Liquidating Trustee of the Woodbridge Liquidation Trust v. KENNETH HALBERT - MEMORANDUM OPINION - Adv. Proc. No. 19-51027

19-51027 Judge J. Kate Stickles 12/06/2021

In Re: Ashinc Corporation, et al., 12-11564, Catherine E. Youngman, Litigation Trustee for Ashinc Corporation, et al., v. BDCM Opportunity Fund, II LP Black Diamond CLO 2005-1 Ltd., Partners, L.P., Plaintiff v. Yucaipa American Alliance Fund I, L.P., Yucaipa American Alliance (Parallel) Fund I, L.P., Defendants, Diamond Commercial Finance, L.L.C., as co-administrative agent, and Spectrum Commercial Finance LLC, as co-administrative Agent, Plaintiff v. Yucaipa American Alliance Fund I, L.P., Yucaipa American Alliance (Parallel) Fund I, L.P., Defendants.  Memorandum Order

12-11564, 13-50530, 14-50971 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 12/06/2021

In re:  Michelle A. Veale

Strategic Funding Source, Inc. v. Michelle A. Veale

21-10418; 21-50486 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 11/30/2021

In re: GCX Limited, et al., Debtors, GCX Limited, Plaintiff v. Standard Chartered Bank, Defendants.

19-12031, 20-50624 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 11/30/2021

In re:  Derek L. Robinson

Robinson v. U.S. Bank, N.A.

19-11784; 20-50533 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 11/29/2021

In re:  John Michael Pedicone

John Michael Pedicone v. Ajax Mortgage Loan Trust 2018-F, Mortgage-Backed Securities, Series 2018-F, by U.S. Bank National Association, as Identure Trustee

21-10384; 21-50760 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 11/23/2021

In re: ET US1, Inc., et al., Debtors, Urban Commons Queensway, LLC, Plaintiff, v. EHT Asset Management, LLC, Taylor Woods, and Howard Wu, Defendants.

21-10036, 21-50476 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 11/15/2021

United Tax v. SWZ Financial II, LLC et al.  (Adv. No. 15-50880) Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law

15-50880 Chief Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein 11/08/2021

In re: Digital Networks North America, Inc., Debtor.  Case No. 15-11535

George L. Miller, solely in his capacity as the Chapter 7 Trustee of Digital Networks North America, Inc., Plaintiff v. D&M Holdings US Inc. Defendant.  Adversary Proceeding No. 17-50900


15-11535; 17-50900 Judge Karen B. Owens 11/08/2021

In Re: Park Place Development Primary, LLC, Alleged Debtor.

21-10819 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 11/02/2021

In re Cyber Litigation Inc.

Amended Memorandum Opinion regarding Hansen Networks' Claim

20-12702 Judge Craig T. Goldblatt 10/28/2021