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In re Alex O. Dahman and Gladys C. Dahman

18-12199 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 04/26/2019

In re Exide Technologies -- Opinion and Order relating to South Coast Air Quality Management District's Motion for a Determination that it has Alleged a Prima Facie Case for Application of the 11 U.S.C. § 1141(d) Exception to Discharge, Exide's Objection thereto and the District's "Relation Back Motion"

13-11482 Judge Kevin J. Carey 04/30/2019

Main Case:  Citadel Watford City Disposal Partners, L.P.,et al.(15-11323); Adversary Case:  Gavin/Solmonese LLC, Liquidation Trustee for the Citadel Creditors' Grantor Trust, successor to Citadel Watford City Disposal Partners, L.P., et al., Plaintiff v. Citadel Energy Partners, LLC., et al., Defendants -- Opinion and Order Granting Defendant Mark Dunaway's Motion to Dismiss Derivative Claims of the Amended Complaint

17-50024 Judge Kevin J. Carey 05/02/2019

In re:  M & G USA Corporation, et al.

17-12307 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 05/06/2019

F-Squared Investment Management, LLC et. al. (Case No. 15-11469) - Craig Jalbert, in his capacity as Trustee for F2 Liquidating Trust v. Brian Flanagan (Adv. No. 17-50738), Matthew Landon (Adv. No. 50807), Patrick Coyle (Adv. No. 17-50815), Scott Kearney (Adv. No. 17-50825) - OPINION

15-11469 Chief Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein 05/07/2019


19-10289 Chief Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein 05/08/2019

In re Aerogroup Interational, Inc., et al. (17-11962); Aerogroup International, Inc., et al. v. GBG USA Inc. (18-50715) -- Opinion and Order Approving Settlement and Distribution of Proceeds

17-11962 Judge Kevin J. Carey 05/13/2019

In re Centaur, LLC., et al. (10-10799); FTI Consulting, Inc., as Trustee to the Centaur, LLC Litigation Trust v. Joseph Sweeney and Linda Porr Sweeney (12-50423) -- Opinion and Order relating to Defendant's Motion to Reconsider and Amend Opinion and Order Granting Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment and FTI Consulting, in its capacity as the Trustee of the Centaur, LLC Litigation Trust's Motion for an Award of Pre- and Post-Judgment Interest

12-50423 Judge Kevin J. Carey 05/13/2019

PennySaver USA Publishing, LLC, et al, Debtors, Don A Beskrone, Chapter 7 Trustee PennySaver USA Publishing, LLC, et al., Plaintiff v. OpenGate Capital Group, LLC, OpenGate Capital Management, LLC, Pennysaver Investors, LLC, Andrew Nikou, Jay Yook, Daniel Abrams, Alan S. Chaffin, Vijay K. Mony and Virginia Anne Thornton, Defendants.

15-11198, 17-50530 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 05/21/2019

Essar Stel Minnesota LLC and ESML Holdings Inc.

Bradley E. Scher, solely in his capacity as Litigation Trustee for Mesabi SC Litigation Trust v. Essar Global Fund Limited, et al.

16-11626; 17-50001 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 05/23/2019

Essar Steel Minnesota LLC and ESML Holdings Inc.

Kevin Nystrom, solely in his capacity as Litigation Trustee for Mesabi UC Litigation Trust v. Madhu Vuppuluri, et al.

16-11626; 17-50001 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 05/23/2019

Sven Etzelberger, on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated v. Fisker Automotice Holdings, Inc. and Fisker Automotive, Inc. (In re Fisker Liquidating Corp. (f/k/a Fisker Automotive Holdings, Inc., et al) Case No. 13-13087)

13-52517 Judge Kevin Gross 05/28/2019

In re:  Tropicana, LLC, et al., (08-10856); Adversary:  Lightsway Litigation Services, LLC, as Trustee of Tropicana Litigation Trust v. William J. Yung, Wimar Tahoe Corp., f/k/a Tropicana Casino and Resorts, Inc., and Columbia Sussex Corporation (10-50289) -- Memorandum Opinion and Order Denying Motion for Summary Judgment

10-50289 Judge Kevin J. Carey 05/29/2019

Imerys Talc America, Inc., et. al., Case No. 19-10289  Letter Ruling re: Motion to Appoint James L. Patton, Jr. as the Legal Representative for Future Talc Personal Injury Claimants [D.I. 100]

19-10289 Chief Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein 05/31/2019

In re:  Draw Another Circle, et al. (16-11452); Curtis R. Smith, Liquidating Trustee v. Joel Weinshanker, Alan Van Ongevalle, Cathy Hershcopf, Frank Marrs and Jeffrey Shrader -- Memorandum and Order relating to Defendants' Motions to Dismiss Plaintiff's Amended Complaint

17-51041 Judge Kevin J. Carey 06/13/2019

In re:  HMR Foods Holding, LP, et al., 16-11540; Adversary:  Gonzalo Cruz, et al., on behalf of himself and all other persons similarly situated v. HMR Foods Holding, LP, et al, 16-51021 --   Opinion and Order Granting Motion to Dismiss Plaintiffs' Second Amended Class Action Adversary Proceeding Complaint Filed by Arlon Group LLC and Arlon Food and Agriculture Partners LP

16-51021 Judge Kevin J. Carey 06/13/2019

In re OLD BPSUSH INC., et al. -- Opinion and Order GRANTING, in part, and DENYING, in part, the  Motion of Old PSG Wind Down Liquidation Trustee, as Litigation Representative for Debtors and Liquidation Trust, for Entry of Order (I) Compellilng Turnover of Investigation Records pursuant to Bankruptcy Code Section 542; and (II) Finding that All Privileges Appliable to Investigation Records Remain in Full Force and Effect and are Controlled Exclusively by Liquidation Trustee

16-12373 Judge Kevin J. Carey 06/20/2019

Maxus Liquidating Trust, Plaintiff v. YPF S.A., YPF International S.A., YPF Holdings, Inc., et al. Defendants.

18-50489 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 06/24/2019

In re: Bake-Line Group, LLC, et al. 

Finding of Fact and Conclusions of Law

04-10104 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 07/01/2019

Calvin A. Wallen, III and Fossil Operating, Inc., Plaintiffs v. Tauren Exploration, Inc. and Tauren Exploration, Inc. Liquidating Trust, Defendants.

18-50698 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 07/02/2019

Andrew R. Vara, Acting United States Trustee, Plaintiff v. Christopher Wolfington, Defendant

Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law

16-51030 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 07/02/2019

In re:  Ricky Port and Alicia Porter

18-10669 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 07/16/2019

Alfred T. Giuliano, in his capacity as Chapter 7 Trustee for the jointly administered Chapter 7 bankrutpcy estates of Liquid Holdings Group, Inc and Liquid Prime Holdings, LLC v.  Brian Ferdinand, Brian M. Storms, Richard Schaeffer, Kenneth D. Shifrin, Ferdinand Holdings LLC, LT World Limited, LLC, Robert Keller, CMK Holdings, LLC Schaeffer Holdings, LLC and Shaf Holdings, LLC

17-50662 Judge Kevin Gross 07/25/2019

MEMORANDUM ORDER - NNN 400 Capital Center, LLC, et al., v. WellsFargo Bank, N.A., et al.

18-50384 Judge John T. Dorsey 08/09/2019

Welded Construction, L.P. and Welded Construction Michigan, LLC, v. Prime NDT Services, Inc.

19-50180(KG) Judge Kevin Gross 08/13/2019