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Case Name Case Number Judgesort ascending Date Issued

Order amending Memorandum dated August 30, 2012.

Landsource, 08-11111; Adversary: Newhall v. American Heritage, 09-51074 Judge Kevin J. Carey 09/18/2012

Broadway Advisors, LLC, liquidating trustee of the Gruppo Antico Liquidating Trust v. Hipro Electronics, Inc. and Hipro Electronics, Ltd.

03-58480 Judge Kevin J. Carey 02/07/2007


08-13141 Judge Kevin J. Carey 04/09/2012

In re Exide Technologies -- Memorandum and Opinion Sustaining the Reorganized Debtor's Objection to the Claim of Willie JJames ones, Jr., (Claim No. 911)

13-11482 Judge Kevin J. Carey 03/28/2019

Opinion and Order relating to Cross Motions for Summary Judgment and Motion to Supplement Record

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., in its capacity as Securities Administrator v. Homebanc Corp., Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc., Bear, Stearns International Limited, and Strategic Mortgage Opportunities Reit Inc., Adv. No. 07-51740 Judge Kevin J. Carey 01/18/2013

New Century TRS Holdings, Inc., et al, Case No. 07-10416 -- Adversary:  Anita B. Carr v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. Chase Home Finance, LLC et al.,and DOES 1 - 10 -- Memorandum and Order Dismissing Adversary Proceeding for Lack of Jurisdiction

13-51058 Judge Kevin J. Carey 02/03/2014

New Century TRS Holdings,Inc., et al Order

07-10416 Judge Kevin J. Carey 05/06/2009

In re:  Syntax-Brillian Corporation, et al. -- Opinion and Order Denying the Disqualification Motion, the Demand of Dr. Yehia Amr for a Change of Venue and the Recusal Motions and Granting the Final Decree Motion

08-11407 Judge Kevin J. Carey 07/18/2018

Holley Performance Products,Inc., et al -- Memorandum and Order denying Motion of the Reorganized Debtors for Entry of an Order Temporarily Reopening the Case of Weiand Automotive Industries, Inc. to Enforce the Confirmation Order and Discharges and Injunctions against Plaintiffs Mehrabian Family Trust and CA Auto Mart Group, Inc. (D.I. 778)

09-13333 Judge Kevin J. Carey 07/31/2015

In re Tribune Company, et al.

Memorandum and Order Sustaining Objection to Claim of Joann Parker

08-13141 Judge Kevin J. Carey 11/08/2013

In re:  Ryckman Creek Resources, LLC, et al., Opinion and Order denying Debtors' Motion Requesting Determination of Tax Liability.

16-10292 Judge Kevin J. Carey 04/10/2017

Tribune Media Company, et al., Opinion and Order Sustaining Objection to Claim of Robert Henke

08-13141 Judge Kevin J. Carey 05/25/2016


08-51415 Judge Kevin J. Carey 02/04/2009

West Salem Storage, LLC v. Exide Technologies -- Opinion and Order Dismissing Adversary Proceeding (Main Case:  n re Exide Technologies, 13-11482)

17-51826 Judge Kevin J. Carey 03/28/2019

PCT v. New England Confectionary Company

05-78096 Judge Kevin J. Carey 04/20/2006

Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors et. al. v. Credit Suisse First Boston et al.

03-50134 Judge Kevin J. Carey 08/21/2003

In re:  Syntax-Brillian Corporation, et al. -- Memorandum Opinion and Order Denying Motions to Proceed Qui Tam under the False Claims Act

08-11407 Judge Kevin J. Carey 07/13/2016

SelectBuild Illinois, LLC, et al -- Memorandum and Order denying Debtors' Motion to Enforce the Permanent Injunction

09-12085 Judge Kevin J. Carey 05/29/2015


09-52251 Judge Kevin J. Carey 12/07/2011

In re Northshore Mainland Services, Inc. et al. -- Memorandum and Order Regarding Request For Protective Order By CCA Bahamas, Ltd.

15-11402 Judge Kevin J. Carey 08/27/2015

IMMC Corporation

10-53063 Judge Kevin J. Carey 02/14/2012

In re:  Draw Another Circle, LLC - Memorandum Opinion and Order relating to Shelly Adele Peterson's Motion for Leave to File a Late Claim

16-11452 Judge Kevin J. Carey 12/11/2018


07-51715 Judge Kevin J. Carey 12/10/2007

In re:  Metrogate, LLC f/k/a Advance Realty Group, LLC -- Opinion and Order Granting, in part, Metrogate's Motion to Dismiss, Dismissing the Involuntary Petition and Denying the Petitioning Creditors' Summary Judgment Motions

15-12593 Judge Kevin J. Carey 05/26/2016


07-10416 Judge Kevin J. Carey 02/20/2008