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Case Name Case Number Judge Date Issuedsort ascending

International Wireless Communications Holdings, Inc., et al.

98-2007 Judge Mary F. Walrath 01/23/2001

Montgomery Ward Holding Corp. v. Robert Schoeberl

99-560 Judge Peter Walsh 01/16/2001

Mid-American Waste Systems, Inc., et al

97-104 Judge Peter Walsh 01/13/2001

Omega Papier Wernshausen GmbH v. Harnischfeger Industiries, Inc., Beloit Corporation, Mark E. Readinger, Ross J. Altman, and Scott Baker

00-399 Judge Peter Walsh 01/10/2001

Eagle Geophysical, Inc., et al.

99-3481 Judge Mary F. Walrath 01/02/2001

Sean Green v New Dana Perfumes Corporation; DPC Acquistion Corporation; Dana do Brasil S.A.; Marcafin S.A.

99-783 Judge Mary F. Walrath 12/14/2000

Omna Medical Partners, et al v. Carus Healthcare, P.A.

00-439 and 00-550 Judge Mary F. Walrath 12/14/2000

Montgomery Ward Holding Corp., et al v Gene C. McCaffery

99-561 Judge Peter Walsh 12/11/2000

Unidigital Inc., et al.

00-3806 Judge Mary F. Walrath 12/08/2000

Worldwide Direct, Inc., et al.

99-108 Judge Mary F. Walrath 11/22/2000

Hechinger Investment Company of Delaware, Inc., et al. v Everything Warehouse, Inc.

00-455 Judge Peter Walsh 11/20/2000

Mariner Post-Acute Network, Inc., et al. Mariner Health Group, Inc., et al.

00-113 00-215 Judge Mary F. Walrath 11/16/2000

Sabratek Corporation, et al. v LaSalle Bank, N.A. and Ralin Medical Inc.

00-616 Judge Mary F. Walrath 11/16/2000

Integrated Health Services, Inc., et al v Blount Memorial Hospital

00-1145 Judge Mary F. Walrath 11/09/2000

Sun Healthcare Group, Inc. et al v Robert A. Levin

00-632 Judge Mary F. Walrath 10/17/2000

Cosmetic Center, Inc. v Allou Health & Beauty Care, Inc.

00-445 Judge Peter Walsh 10/13/2000

James Baldridge, William Mann & Larry Dunn et al. v. Continental Airlines, Inc., et al

99-412 Judge Mary F. Walrath 10/12/2000

Integrated Health Services, Inc. et al

00-389 Judge Mary F. Walrath 10/10/2000

Hechinger Investment Company of Delaware, Inc., et al

99-2261 Judge Peter Walsh 10/10/2000

National Pipes & Plastics, Inc. v. N.P.P. Liquidation Co., DMS Construction Co. and The Jack Farrelly Co.

99-12 Judge Peter Walsh 09/25/2000

Montgomery Ward Holding Corp., et al v Maria Pappas, Treas. Cook County IL

99-87 Judge Peter Walsh 09/01/2000

Acme Metals Incorporated, et al v Raytheon Engineers & Constructors, Inc.

00-351 Judge Mary F. Walrath 08/28/2000

Camelot Music, Inc. v MHW Advertising and Public Relations, Inc.

97-9 Judge Peter Walsh 08/28/2000

Joseph J. Lloyd v Dennis L. Whitesel, Betty Lou Griffth and William Griffith

00-415 Judge Mary F. Walrath 08/25/2000

Worldcorp, Inc. and Worldcorp Acquisition Corp.

00-298 Judge Mary F. Walrath 08/17/2000