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Case Name Case Number Judge Date Issuedsort ascending

Vencor, Inc. et al.

99-3199 Judge Mary F. Walrath 04/30/2003

INSILCO Technologies Inc., et. al.

02-13672 Judge Kevin J. Carey 04/18/2003

Lowewen Group Internation Inc., et al.

99-1244 Judge Peter Walsh 04/16/2003

Charter Behavioral Health Systems Inc. et al.

00-989 Judge Mary F. Walrath 04/08/2003

CYCH v. EVS Holding Company, Inc.

01-8856 Judge Mary F. Walrath 04/04/2003

John Caliolo v. TKA Fabco Corp.

02-3405 04/02/2003

Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors et al. v. Robert N. Elkins et al.

02-1830 Judge Mary F. Walrath 03/25/2003

RGC International Investors, LDC v. Tricord Systems, Inc. et. al.

02-4943 Judge Mary F. Walrath 03/24/2003

Crown Brooks Corporation

01-407 Judge Mary F. Walrath 03/17/2003

Dwight M. Morgan and Kimberly A. Morgan

02-11444 Judge Mary F. Walrath 03/14/2003

HQ Global Holdings, Inc. et al.

02-10760 Judge Mary F. Walrath 03/11/2003

The Bank of New York v. Epic Resorts-Palm Springs Marquis Villas, LLC and USA Capital Diversified Trust Deed Fund, LLC

02-3021 Judge Mary F. Walrath 02/27/2003

Lason Services Inc. v. Raju Venkatraman, Yogi Parikh, Glenn Amurgis, and Meenekshi Karuppiah

02-2174 Judge Mary F. Walrath 02/25/2003

HQ Global Holdings, Inc. et al.

02-10760 Judge Mary F. Walrath 02/25/2003

CYCH, Inc.

01-622 Judge Mary F. Walrath 02/24/2003

Integrated Health Services, Inc.

00-389 Judge Mary F. Walrath 02/24/2003

Valley Media, Inc.

01-11353 Judge Peter Walsh 02/21/2003

Kaiser Group International Inc., et al.

00-2263 Judge Mary F. Walrath 02/07/2003

Kenneth G. Kelly

02-10744 Judge Mary F. Walrath 01/30/2003

Integrated Health Systems, Inc., et al.

00-389 Judge Mary F. Walrath 01/30/2003

Hechinger Investment Company of DE, Inc. v. M.G.H. Home Improvement, Inc.

01-2645 Judge Peter Walsh 01/21/2003

Valley Media, Inc. v. Toys R Us, Inc.

02-3203 Judge Peter Walsh 01/21/2003

Scott Peltz v. COM Services, Inc.

00-1882 Judge Peter Walsh 01/17/2003

Valley Media, Inc. v. Borders, Inc.

02-2212 Judge Peter Walsh 01/07/2003

Beloit Liquidating Trust v. Beloit Walmsley Limited

01-4688 Judge Peter Walsh 01/02/2003