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Case Name Case Number Judge Date Issuedsort ascending

Patrick Regan, Plan Administrator of the Post-Confirmation Estate of Homelife Corporation, HLC 1, LLC, and Furniture Holding, LLC v. Chicago Tribune Company

03-54267 08/15/2005

Keith F. Cooper, as Liquidating Trustee of the Bridgeport Holdins, Inc. Liquidating Trust v. Tech Data Corporation

05-50064 Judge Peter Walsh 08/12/2005

Gentek Inc., et al. and NOMA Company

02-12986 Judge Mary F. Walrath 08/11/2005

Argus Management Group, as Trustee for the Creditors Reserve Trust v. J-VON N.A.

03-50231 Judge Mary F. Walrath 08/09/2005

American Classic Voyages Co., et al. v. KANOA, Inc., et al.

03-55634 07/29/2005

Vision Metals, Inc. v. SMS DEMAG, Inc.

02-6528 Judge Mary F. Walrath 07/26/2005

Global Link Acquidating Trust et al. v. Avantel, S.A.

01-7892 Judge Mary F. Walrath 07/21/2005

Argus Management Group v. GAB Robins, Inc. and GAB Robins North America

03-50346 Judge Mary F. Walrath 07/07/2005

Keith F. Cooper, Trustee v. Tech Data Corporation

05-50064 Judge Peter Walsh 07/01/2005

The Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors v. DVI Business Credit, Inc.; et al.

03-57446 Judge Mary F. Walrath 06/30/2005

TWA, Inc. v. World Aviation Supply, Inc.

02-75212 06/28/2005

SLI, Inc., et al.

02-12608 06/24/2005

Cable & Wireless USA, Inc., et al.

03-13711 06/24/2005

Craig Jalbert for Olympus Healthcare Group, Inc. et al. v. CAHCF Assistance Corporation

03-53411 06/23/2005

Shiloh Industries, Inc. et al., v. Rouge Industries, Inc. and Rouge Steel Co.

05-50505 Judge Mary F. Walrath 06/22/2005

Chart Industries, Inc., et al.

03-12114 06/20/2005

Atlantic Gulf Communities Corp.

01-1594 Judge Mary F. Walrath 06/17/2005

Joseph William Gorka and Laura Lee Larson v. Michael B. Joseph, Chapter 7 Trustee

04-55215 Judge Mary F. Walrath 06/17/2005

Hechinger Liquidation Trust et al. v. Universal Forest Products, Inc.

01-3170 06/16/2005

Garden Ridge Corporation, et al.

04-10324 06/15/2005

OHC Liquidation Trust v. Nucor Corporation

04-56907 06/07/2005

Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of The IT Group, et al. v. Jointa Galusha, LLC, Waste Recovery Enterprises, LLC

04-50321 04-51011 06/07/2005

Northwestern Corporation v. Magten Asset Management Corporation and Talton R. Embry

04-55054 06/06/2005

Cellnet Data Systems, Inc.

00-844 Judge Peter Walsh 06/06/2005

Madison Foods, Inc., Larry J. Heng and Jane A. Heng v. Fleming Companies, Inc., C & S Acquisition LLC, Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc., and Surry Licsensing, LLC

04-53402 Judge Mary F. Walrath 06/02/2005