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Case Name Case Number Judge Date Issuedsort ascending

Alamo Rent A Car, LLC, National Car Rental Systems, Inc. and ANC Rental Corporation v. Smith Personnel Solutions

03-57773 04/22/2005

PISTRITTO, Fabio and Cynthia

03-10245 Judge Mary F. Walrath 04/19/2005

Post Confirmation Trust of Fleming Companies, Inc. v. Target Corporation

04-52747 Judge Mary F. Walrath 04/19/2005

ANC Rental Corporation, et al.

01-11200 Judge Mary F. Walrath 04/15/2005

The IT Group, Inc., et al.

02-10118 Judge Mary F. Walrath 04/14/2005

Calvin E. Mintz and Mary L. Mintz

04-10770 Judge Mary F. Walrath 03/31/2005

MUMA Services Inc. (f/k/a Murphy Marine Services, Inc.), et al.

01-926 through 01-932 and 01-935 through 01-950 Judge Mary F. Walrath 03/30/2005

OHC Liquidation Trust by and through Alvarez & Marshal, LLC, the OHC Liquidation Trustee v. American Bankers Insurance Co.

04-56928 03/18/2005

Northwestern Corporation

03-12872 03/10/2005

Garden Ridge Corporation, et al.

04-10324 03/02/2005

Garden Ridge Corporation, et al.

04-10324 03/02/2005

Frederick B. Rosener as Chapter 11 Trustee for OODC, LLC., v. Majestic Management, Inc., et al.

03-58583 Judge Mary F. Walrath 03/02/2005

Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of the IT Group, Inc., et al. v. Towill, Inc.

04-50931 03/01/2005

IHDG Litigation Trust v. Westaff (USA), Inc.

02-1115 02/24/2005

Oglebay Norton Company v. Michael H. Port

04-54939 02/23/2005

Armstrong World Industries, Inc., et al.

00-4471 02/23/2005

The Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of the Bankruptcy Estate of Network Access Solutions Corporation and NASOP, Inc., v. Juniper Communications, Inc.

04-53835 02/18/2005

NHI, Inc., v. Fleetboston Financial Corporation, et al.

04-52879 Judge Peter Walsh 02/11/2005

Kevin Morris and Lisa Butler as Litigation Administrators for U.S. Interactive, Inc. and U.S. Interactive Corp. v. Sampson Travel Agency, Inc., and David J. Sampson

03-50157 Judge Mary F. Walrath 02/09/2005

BCPM Liquidating LLC v. PricewaterhouseCooopers LLP

04-53101 Judge Peter Walsh 02/08/2005

Burnham Service Corp. and Burnham Service Company, Inc. v. Pacific States Logistics, Management, LLC. et al.

01-195 Judge Mary F. Walrath 02/02/2005

Charles M. Golde, Ch. 11 Trustee, v. The Guardian

03-54314 Judge Mary F. Walrath 01/28/2005

Antico Vacca Technologies Inc., v. Steel Technologies, Inc.

03-60216 01/25/2005

Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of the IT Group, et al., v. K-Prime, Inc.

04-50690 01/25/2005

Argus Management Group v. Chanin Capital Partners, LLC

03-54130 Judge Mary F. Walrath 01/24/2005