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Case Name Case Number Judge Date Issuedsort ascending

In Re: Welded Construction, L.P., et al., Debtors. Welded Construction, L.P. and Welded Construction Michigan, LLC, Plaintiffs, v. Prime NDT Services, Inc., Defendants.


18-12378, 19-50180 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 02/05/2020


18-12012 Chief Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein 02/05/2020

DSI Renal Holdings, LLC, et al., (Case No. 11-11722) - Alfred T. Giuliano, Chapter 7 Trustee, Plaintiff v. Michael Schnabel, et al., Defendants (Adv, Pro. No. 14-50356) - OPINION

11-11722 Judge Karen B. Owens 02/04/2020

DAVID W. CARICKHOFF, solely in his capacity as chapter 7 trustee for the estates of DECADE, S.A.C., LLC, et al.



19-50095 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 01/29/2020

LSC Wind Down, LLC, et al., (Case No. 17-10124) - UMB Bank N.A., as Plan Trustee of The Limited Creditors' Liquidating Trust, Plaintiff v. Sun Capital Partners V, LP; Sun Mod Fashions IV, LLC; Sun Mod Fashions V, LLC and H.I.G. Sun Partners, LLC, Defendants (Adv. Pro. No. 19-50272) - OPINION

17-10124 Judge Karen B. Owens 01/23/2020

LNV Corporation v. Ad Hoc Group of Second Lien Creditors; Solus Senior High Income Fund LP and Solus Alternative Asset Management LP (In re La Paloma Generating Company, LLC, et al. - 16-12700)

19-50110 Judge John T. Dorsey 01/13/2020

In Re:  EXIDE TECHNOLOGIES, Reorganized Debtor

13-11482 Judge Mary F. Walrath 01/09/2020

In re FAH Liquidating Corp. (f/k/a FISKER AUTOMATIVE HOLDINGS, INC.), et al (13-13087); Adversary:  SVEN ETZELSBERGER, on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated, Plaintiff, v. FISKER AUTOMATIVE HOLDINGS, INC. and FISKER AUTOMATIVE, INC., Defendants (13-52517) -- OPINION and ORDER relating to WARN Act claim.

13-52517 Judge Kevin Gross 12/27/2019

SCHMIDT PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION, INC., Plaintiff, v. COLUMBIA GAS TRANSMISSION, LLC, and WELDED CONSTRUCTION, L.P., Defendants -- Memorandum Order re Columbia Gas's Motion for Partial Dismissal and Schmid's Motion to Reconsider

19-50886 Judge Kevin Gross 12/20/2019

In re:  APP Winddown, LLC, et al.

16-12551 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 12/16/2019

Imerys Talc America, Inc., et al. - The Official Committee of Tort : Claimants and James L. Patton, Jr. : as Future Claims, : Representative, vs Cyprus Amax Minerals Company : and Cyprus Mines Corporation (Adv. No. 19-50115) MEMORANDUM


15-50115 Chief Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein 12/16/2019

New Century TRS Holdings, Inc., et al.

07-10416 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 12/06/2019

Samson Resources Corporation, et al.

15-11934 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 12/06/2019

EMERGE ENERGY SERVICES LP, et al., Case No. 19-11563 (KBO) - OPINION

19-11563 Judge Karen B. Owens 12/05/2019

Seaboard Hotel Member Associates, LLC et. al. (Case No. 15-12510) - NCA Investors Liquidating Trust vs. TD Bank, N.A. (Adv. No. 17-51857) MEMORANDUM

17-51857 Chief Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein 11/25/2019

In re:  Jeffry Stephen Pearson

18-10502 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 11/21/2019

In re:  Brookstone Holdings Corp., et al.

18-11780 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 11/20/2019

Our Alchemy, LLC, et al., 16-11596 (main case) -- Adversary Case--George L. Miller as Chapter 7 Trustee for the Estates of Debtors Our Alchemy, LLC, and Anderson Digital, LLC. v. Anconnect, LLC; Anderson Merchandisers, LLC; Anderson Merchandisers Canada, Inc.; OA Investment Partners LLC; OA Investment Holdings LLC; Virgo Investment Group, LLC; Virgo Societas Partners, LLC; Virgo Societas Partnership III (Onshore), L.P.; Virgo Societas Partnership III (Offshore), L.P.; Virgo Service Company LLC; Ardon Moore; Mark Perez; Jesse Watson; Todd Dorfman; Bill Lee; Stephen Lyone; and Freyr Thor -- Memorandum Order Denying the Limited Motion to Reconsider of Defendants Anconnect, LLC, and Anderson Merchandisers, LLC

18-50633 Judge Kevin Gross 11/01/2019

IN RE: OLDAPCO, INC., et al., Debtors

Alan D. Halperin and Eugene I Davis, as Co-Trustees of the Appvion Liquidating Trust, Plaintiffs


Mark R. Richards, Thomas J. Ferree, Tami L. Van Straten, Jeffrey J. Fletcher, Kerry S. Arent, Stephen P. Carter, Terry M. Murphy, Andrew F. Reardon, Kathi P. Seifert, Mark A. Suwyn, Carl J. Laurino, David A. Roberts, Kevin Gilligan, Argent Trust Compay, Stout Risius Ross, Inc., Stout Risius Ross, LLC, John/Jane Does 1-40, Defendants


17-12082, 18-50955 Judge Mary F. Walrath 10/23/2019

In re: Solutions Liquidations LLC, et al., Liquidation Trust of Solutions Liquidation LLC (F/K/A SDI Solutions LLC), et al., Plaintiffs v. David Stienes, Michael Levenberg, Douglas Baker, David P. Taylor and Paul G. Garver, Defendants.

16-10627, 18-50304 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 10/21/2019

In re Welded Construction, L.P., et al, 18-12378 (main case) -- Welded Construction, L.P., v. The Williams Companies, Inc., Williams Partners Operating LLC, and Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC -- Adversary No. 19-50194 -- Opinion and Order relating to the Motion to Abstain, Transfer Venue, or Dismiss Certain Counts of the Complaint filed by Defendants The Williams Companies, Inc., Williams Partners Operating LLC, and Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC

19-50194 Judge Kevin Gross 10/16/2019

In re: Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc., et al.

15-12136 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 10/15/2019

Woodbridge Group of Companies, LLC, et al.

Woodbridge Wind-Down entity, LLC and WB 714 Oakhurst, LLC v. Monsoon Blockchain Storage, Inc.

17-12560; 19-50102 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 10/10/2019

Charles A. Stanziale, Jr., Chapter 7 Trustee of ScripsAmerica, INC. v. KMJ Corbin & Company - 18-50717 (In re ScripsAmerica, Inc, et al.

18-50717 Judge John T. Dorsey 10/09/2019

Nanomech, Inc. v. Daniel Carroll - 19-50351 (In re Nanomech, Inc. 19-10851)

19-50361 Judge John T. Dorsey 10/09/2019