Electronic Order Processing

As of July 2019 - all orders in Judge Walrath, Judge Gross, Judge Sontchi, Judge Owens, Judge Dorsey and Judge Silverstein and Judge Shannon's business cases are entered electronically.  

With this implementation, an additional step is required to upload a saved PDF image using the Order Upload event under the Bankruptcy menu. Motions and proposed orders will continue to be filed as they are now, but upon submission of the Certificate of No Objection or Certification of Counsel, the order must be uploaded.  

In cases where the motion is scheduled for a hearing, the proposed order should be uploaded at the time the Notice of Agenda is filed, or as soon as reasonably possible thereafter.  

The proposed order must allow 4 inches of blank space at the end of the order for the Judge’s signature and date. Do not include a signature line nor a date line, as they will be included with the Judge’s electronic signature.

For these Judges, pro hac vice motions should be formatted to allow the signature on the bottom of the last page. Local Form 105 is designed to be a single page order, however if you add additional content that moves the text to additional pages allow 4 inches of blank space at the end of the order, the signature will be entered on the last page.  For additional formatting instructions, click here.

Please review the electronic learning module titled Uploading a Proposed Order for Electronic Signature that will demonstrate the additional steps required for electronic order processing.  

Please note: this is only required in business cases, there is no change associated with the procedures for consumer cases. In addition to the electronic entry process described above, counsel is still required to submit hard copies of proposed orders to Judges’ chambers.