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Case Name Case Number Judgesort ascending Date Issued

NETVERSANT-SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, INC., a California corporation, v JOHNSON CONTROLS, INC., a Wisconsin corporation, et al.

09-50398 Judge Peter J. Walsh 03/30/2010

Lowewen Group Internation Inc., et al.

99-1244 Judge Peter J. Walsh 04/16/2003

Scott Peltz, Trustee for the USN Communications Liquidating v. New Age Consulting Services, Inc.

00-1917 Judge Peter J. Walsh 04/09/2002

Claybrook v. Les Schab Tires

07-51760 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/30/2008

Montegue S. Claybrook v. Donegal Mutual Insurance Company

98-475 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/14/2001

Fruit of Loom, Inc., et al

09-50948 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/15/2009

Trans World Airlines Inc., et al.

01-0056 Judge Peter J. Walsh 04/02/2001

JAMES R. ZAZZALI, as Trustee for the Debtors Jointly-Administered Chapter 11 Estates and/or as Litigation Trustee for the DBSI Estate Litigation Trust, v. 1031 EXCHANGE GROUP LLC, et al.

10-54648 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/01/2012


07-11038 Judge Peter J. Walsh 12/23/2008


09-14463 Judge Peter J. Walsh 11/05/2010

Hechinger Investment Co. v. Raytheon Co.

01-1726 Judge Peter J. Walsh 12/03/2002

Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc. v. Alan P. Parnes, Richard H. Rowe, Peter G. Samuels, Steven O. Weise, and Proskauer Rose, LLP

A-13-52492 Judge Peter J. Walsh 02/21/2014

Montague S. Claybrook , Chapter 7 Trustee of Discovery Zone, Inc. et al. v. Wellspring Associates, LLC

01-1590 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/28/2004

Oakwood Homes Corp., et al

04-57060 Judge Peter J. Walsh 11/15/2007

John Adamson v. Margaretta E. Bernier

99-787 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/20/2002

Point Blank Solutions, Inc., v. Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP (as both Escrow Agent and Co-Lead Counsel for Lead Plaintiffs); Labaton Sucharow LLP (as Co-Lead Counsel for Lead Plaintiffs); Law Offices of Thomas G. Amon (as Co-Lead Counsel in the Derivative Action); and Robbins Umeda LLP (as Co-Lead Counsel in the Derivative Action); David H. Brooks; Sandra Hatfield; Dawn M. Schlegel; Cary Chasin; Jerome Krantz; Gary Nadelman;Barry Beckman; and Larry R. Ellis.

10-55361 Judge Peter J. Walsh 05/20/2011

Barnes Bay Development Ltd.et al.

11-10792 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/15/2011

Cavendish Farms v. Ameriserve Food Distribution, Inc.

00-615 Judge Peter J. Walsh 06/22/2000


07-51750 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/25/2008


08-12430 Judge Peter J. Walsh 02/23/2009

NETVERSANT-SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, INC., a California corporation, v JOHNSON CONTROLS, INC., a Wisconsin corporation, et al. revised order dated 3/31/2010

09-50398 Judge Peter J. Walsh 03/31/2010


08-12687 Judge Peter J. Walsh 05/28/2009

TMP Worldwide, Inc. v. Inacom Corp.

00-1115 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/07/2001

George L. Miller, in his capacity as Chapter 7 Trustee of the bankruptcy estates of IH 1, IH 2, Inc., IH 3, Inc., IH 4, Inc. and/or IH 5, Inc. v. Metal Exchange Corporation

11-51329 Judge Peter J. Walsh 12/30/2011

Protarga Inc., v. Nigel L. Webb and Five Palms Corporation, Ltd.

04-53374 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/01/2005