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Case Name Case Number Judgesort ascending Date Issued


05-14164 Judge Peter J. Walsh 01/09/2009

Trans World Airlines, Inc., et al. v. Carl Ichan, et al.

01-82 Judge Peter J. Walsh 03/19/2002

The Scotts Company v. Hechinger Company

00-1683 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/14/2001

Homeplace of American, Inc. v. Toastmaster, Inc.

02-7102 Judge Peter J. Walsh 05/31/2005

JAMES R. ZAZZALI, as Trustee for the Debtors’ Jointly-Administered Chapter 11 Estates and/or as Litigation Trustee for the DBSI Estate Litigation Trust, v. 1031 EXCHANGE GROUP LLC, et al.,

10-54648 Judge Peter J. Walsh 03/23/2012

BCP Liquidating LLC, as successor in interest to Borden Chemicals and Plastics Operating Limited Partnership, et al. v. Bridgeline Gas Marketing, LLC.

03-52162 Judge Peter J. Walsh 01/13/2006

Maxxim Medical, Inc. v. Professional Hospital Supply, Inc. and Karen McCauley

03-57040 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/08/2004

World Health Alternatives, Inc., et al.,

06-10166 Judge Peter J. Walsh 06/08/2007

U.S. Office Products, Inc., et al.

01-646 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/09/2001

JAMES R. ZAZZALI, as Trustee of the DBSI Estate Litigation Trust created by operation of the Second Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Liquidation v. DOUGLAS L. SWENSON, et al.

10-54649 Judge Peter J. Walsh 06/22/2011

Montague S. Claybrook, Ch. 7 Trustee for Bake-Line Group, LLC, et al. v. Consolidated Foods, Inc.

06-50322 Judge Peter J. Walsh 02/05/2007

James R. Zazzali, et al. v. Wavetronix LLC, et al.

10-55693 Judge Peter J. Walsh 10/31/2011

Montague S. Claybrook v. Nour Management Co.

01-1473 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/09/2003

George L. Miller, in his capacity as Chapter 7 Trustee of the bankruptcy estates of IH 1, IH 2, Inc., IH 3, Inc., IH 4, Inc. and/or IH 5, Inc. v. Metal Exchange Corporation

11-51329 Judge Peter J. Walsh 12/30/2011

CHARLES A. STANZIALE, in his capacity as Liquidating Trustee of CFP Liquidating Estate v TIPPER TIE, INC.,

09-50478 Judge Peter J. Walsh 11/04/2010

Montgomery Ward Holding Corp., et al v Maria Pappas, Treas. Cook County IL

99-87 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/01/2000

DBSI, INC., et al.

08-12687 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/02/2012


10-10684 Judge Peter J. Walsh 03/08/2011


06-10894 Judge Peter J. Walsh 01/09/2009

Joseph A. Pardo v. Horizon Healthcare Plan Company Inc., et al.

00-854 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/31/2001

George L. Miller v. Kirkland & Ellis LLP

A-12-50713 Judge Peter J. Walsh 04/07/2014

JAMES R. ZAZZALI, as Trustee for the Debtors’ Jointly-Administered Chapter 11 Estates and/or as Litigation Trustee for the DBSI Estate Litigation Trust, v. AFA FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC et al., 1031 EXCHANGE GROUP, et al., THE BLIND GALLERY and JOHN DOE 1-10, AIR PERFORMANCE SERVICE, INC.and JOHN DOE 1-10, ATLAS VAN LINES, INC. and JOHN DOE 1-10, HOEFER WYSOCKI ARCHITECTS LLC and JOHN DOE 1-10, IBF GROUP and JOHN DOE 1-10,BROOKS & AMADEN, INC. and JOHN DOE 1-10, NEW WEST PAVING and JOHN DOE 1-10,

10-54524, 10-54648, 10-53991, 10-53918, 10-54827, 10-54882, 10-54899, 10-55219, 10-54995 Judge Peter J. Walsh 03/30/2012

NETVERSANT-SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, INC., a California corporation, v JOHNSON CONTROLS, INC., a Wisconsin corporation, et al.

09-50398 Judge Peter J. Walsh 03/30/2010

Polaroid Corporation et al. v. James Barron

03-56404 Judge Peter J. Walsh 06/22/2004

United States of American v. State Street Bank and Trust et al.

01-4605 Judge Peter J. Walsh 12/12/2003