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Case Name Case Number Judgesort ascending Date Issued

Dale K. Harbour v. ABX Enterprises, Inc.

00-237 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/21/2002


07-51798 Judge Peter J. Walsh 06/02/2008


07-51683 Judge Peter J. Walsh 11/04/2008

Polaroid Corporation et al. v. James Barron

03-56404 Judge Peter J. Walsh 06/22/2004

ATLS Acquisition, LLC, et al.

13-10262(PJW) Judge Peter J. Walsh 02/06/2014

Cosmetic Center, Inc. v Allou Health & Beauty Care, Inc.

00-445 Judge Peter J. Walsh 10/13/2000

Beloit v. Asia Pulp & Paper Company, Ltd., et al.

01-927 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/28/2001

Joseph A. Pardo, Trustee v. William Gonzaba, M.D. et al.

00-830 Judge Peter J. Walsh 04/26/2004

James R. Zazzali, as Trustee of the DBSI Estate Litigation Trust created by operation of the Second Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Liquidation v. Douglas L. Swenson, et al.

10-54649 Judge Peter J. Walsh 01/13/2012

Medical Wind Down Holdings III, Inc. v. Innerdyne, Inc.

05-50389 Judge Peter J. Walsh 10/05/2005


00-2303 Judge Peter J. Walsh 01/29/2008

Finova Capital Corporation v. Marc P. Cote and Eugina C. Cote d/b/a Chester Drug Store and Marc P. Cote

06-50823 Judge Peter J. Walsh 12/11/2006

Trans World Airlines Inc., et al.

01-0056 Judge Peter J. Walsh 03/16/2001

George L. Miller, Chapter 7 Trustee v Sun Capital Partners, Inc., et al

10-52279 Judge Peter J. Walsh 12/10/2010

Hechinger Investment Company of DE, et al. v. Survivor Technologies, Inc.

01-3106 Judge Peter J. Walsh 12/30/2002

George L. Miller, Chapter 7 Trustee v. Kirkland & Ellis LLP

A-12-50713 (PJW) Judge Peter J. Walsh 10/02/2012

Joseph A. Pardo, Trustee et al. v. CIGNA Healthcare et al.

00-850 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/03/2004

Mid-American Waste Systems, Inc., et al

97-104 Judge Peter J. Walsh 01/13/2001

Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc. v. Alan P. Parnes, Richard H. Rowe, Peter G. Samuels, Steven O. Weise, and Proskauer Rose, LLP

A-13-52492 Judge Peter J. Walsh 02/21/2014

Montague S. Claybrook, Trustee for Scott Acquisition Corp. v. Thomas E. Morris et al.

05-30112 Judge Peter J. Walsh 06/23/2006

Point Blank Solutions, Inc., v. Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP (as both Escrow Agent and Co-Lead Counsel for Lead Plaintiffs); Labaton Sucharow LLP (as Co-Lead Counsel for Lead Plaintiffs); Law Offices of Thomas G. Amon (as Co-Lead Counsel in the Derivative Action); and Robbins Umeda LLP (as Co-Lead Counsel in the Derivative Action); David H. Brooks; Sandra Hatfield; Dawn M. Schlegel; Cary Chasin; Jerome Krantz; Gary Nadelman;Barry Beckman; and Larry R. Ellis.

10-55361 Judge Peter J. Walsh 05/20/2011

Lowewen Group Internation Inc., et al.

99-1244 Judge Peter J. Walsh 04/16/2003

Cavendish Farms v. Ameriserve Food Distribution, Inc.

00-615 Judge Peter J. Walsh 06/22/2000

DBSI, INC., et al

08-12687 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/07/2009

Scott Peltz, Trustee for the USN Communications Liquidating v. New Age Consulting Services, Inc.

00-1917 Judge Peter J. Walsh 04/09/2002