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Case Name Case Number Judgesort descending Date Issued

Cellnet Data Systems, Inc.

00-844 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/25/2004


07-11038 Judge Peter J. Walsh 12/23/2008


98-514 Judge Peter J. Walsh 10/05/2009

Joseph E. Eckbold, Jr. and Jaclyn M. D'Elia v. Susan Miller, Personal Representative of the Estate of Ronald A. Miller, Super Lawns, Inc. and Super Lawns of Fairfax, Inc.

12-51012 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/26/2013

Georgia Pacific Corporation v. Hechinger Company

00-284 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/14/2001

NVF Company

93-1020 Judge Peter J. Walsh 04/21/2004

CHRISS W. STREET, as Former Trustee of the End of the Road Trust, v. DANIEL W. HARROW, as Successor Trustee of the End of the Road Trust

08-50295 Judge Peter J. Walsh 02/17/2012

BLITZ U.S.A. Inc., et al.

11-13603 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/09/2012

Oakwood Homes Corp., et al

04-57060 Judge Peter J. Walsh 11/15/2007

Pharmaceutical Research Associates, Inc., et. al. v. Innovative Clinical Solutions, Ltd.

00-1621 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/12/2001

Peter J. Almeroth et al. v. Innovative Clinical Solutions, Ltd. et al.

01-155 Judge Peter J. Walsh 11/07/2003

OHC Liquidation Trust v. Credit Suisse First Boston et al.

04-57060 Judge Peter J. Walsh 03/31/2006

Specialty Products Holdings Corp., et al.

10-11780 10/07/2011

W.R. Grace & Co., et al. v. Margaret Chakarian et al., and John Does 1-1000

01-771 10/07/2004

AFD Fund v. TransMed Foods, Inc.

01-1225 08/18/2003

The Flintkote Company

04-11300 12/21/2012

American Pad & Paper Company

multiple adversaries 10/28/2003

W.R. Grace & Co., et al

01-01139 05/29/2008

The Flintkote Company

04-11300 12/21/2012

USOP Liquidating LLC v. Service Supply, Ltd., Inc.

03-50511 09/28/2004

Owens Corning, et al. v. Michael Burchfield and R.Q. Whitmire; Charles W. Stein and Michael Thaman v. Michael Burchfield and R.Q. Whitmire

03-55737 03-56302 01/19/2005

W.R Grace & Co, et al

01-01139 01/31/2011

Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation v. Transcontinental Insurance Company et al.

02-6531 01/16/2004

Peregrine Systems, Inc. et al.

02-12740 03/30/2004

Garlock Sealing Technologies

Multiple Cases 10/07/2011