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Ronald I. Chorches, v. U.S. Bank National Association

Memorandum and Order Granting U.S. Bank National Association's Motion to Strike Objection to Claim and Motion to Dismiss Adversary Complaint

Misc. Case Nos. 11-00105 and 11-00106 Judge Kevin J. Carey 10/15/2014

In re Tribune Company, et al.

Memorandum Order Sustaining Objection to Claims of Cook County Department of Revenue

08-13141 Judge Kevin J. Carey 10/08/2013

Hercules Offshore, Inc., et. al -- Opinion on Confirmation

16-11385 Judge Kevin J. Carey 11/01/2016

American Classic Voyages Co., et al. v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, National City Bank of Michigan/Illinois, and Hibernia National Bank

03-56998 Judge Kevin J. Carey 04/27/2007

Tribune Media Services v Warren BeattyMemorandum

09-50486 Judge Kevin J. Carey 11/09/2009

Order dismissing adversary proceeding.

Exide Technologies v. Enersys Delaware, Inc., f/k/a Enersys, Inc., Adv. No. 10-52766 Judge Kevin J. Carey 01/08/2013


09-50244 Judge Kevin J. Carey 12/07/2011

In re Derma Pen, LLC 

Memorandum and Order Dismissing Bankruptcy Case

14-11894 Judge Kevin J. Carey 12/19/2014

Chad J. Shandler, Creditor Trustee of Insilco Technologies, Inc., et al. v. DLJ Merchant Banking, Inc. et al.

04-57950 Judge Kevin J. Carey 09/27/2005

Tiare International In., v United Fixture Co, Inc., National City Business Credit,Inc. (In re:Interlake Matieral Handling, Inc., et al, 09-10019)

01-50895 Judge Kevin J. Carey 01/11/2011


08-13141 Judge Kevin J. Carey 08/22/2012

KB TOYS, INC, et. al

04-10120 Judge Kevin J. Carey 05/04/2012

In re Spansion, Inc., et al -- Memorandum Order relating to the Motions of the Ad Hoc Committee of Equity Security Holders and the Ad Hoc Committee of Convertible Noteholders seeking payment of professional fees and expenses

09-10690 Judge Kevin J. Carey 05/14/2014

amended order regarding NEW CENTURY HOLDING INC., et al memorandum dated 4/24/2008

07-51598 Judge Kevin J. Carey 06/17/2008

In re New Century TRS Holdings, Inc., et al. -- Memorandum and Order denying Motion by Helen Galope to Impeach/Remove Trustee

07-10416 Judge Kevin J. Carey 07/09/2013

In re:  W.R. Grace & Co., et  al. --  Memorandum and Order denying Anderson Memorial Hospital's Motion to Alter or Amend Judge Fitzgerald's May 2008 Decision denying Anderson Memorial Hospital's Motion for Class Certification and ordering parties to enter into mediation. re property damage claim

01-01139 Judge Kevin J. Carey 08/25/2016

Memorandum relating to The Levin Group, L.P.'s proof of claim

Abitibibowater Inc., et al., 09-11296 Judge Kevin J. Carey 12/12/2012

In re:  Touch America Holdings, Inc., et al; Adversary:  Brent Williams as Plan Trustee for TouchAmerica Holdings, Inc., and its Affiliated Debtor Entities v. AT&T Corp., Zayo Group, LLC as Successor by Merger to 360 Networks Corporation -- Memorandum and Order Denying AT&T Corporation's Motion to Dismiss the Trustee's Complaint for Declaratory Relief

03-11915; Adversary 14-50664 Judge Kevin J. Carey 10/26/2015

United States of America v. State Street Bank and Trust Co.


Opinion and Order granting, in part, and denying, in part, the Adversary Complaint of United States of America on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service

01-4605 Judge Kevin J. Carey 10/15/2014

In re Tribune Company, et al.

Memorandum Order Sustaining Objection to Claims of Emerson Tucker

08-13141 Judge Kevin J. Carey 09/06/2013

George L. Miller, Chapter 7 Trustee v. MBM Corporation

04-57450 Judge Kevin J. Carey 03/02/2006




10-55357 Judge Kevin J. Carey 12/06/2013

Memorandum and Order Dismissing Cross Claims of G4S Technology LLC (D. I. Nos. 79 and 80)

Velocitel, Inc., v. Charles M. Forman, in his capacity as chapter 7 trustee for Open Range Communications, Inc., United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Utilities Services, et al., Adversary No. 12-50476 Judge Kevin J. Carey 02/12/2013

In re Contract Research Solutions, Inc., et al
Memorandum and Order relating to Motion to a) Sever and Reject the Third Amendment to the Golden Glades Lease and B) Abandon Certain Personal Property, pursuant to Sections 105(a), 365(a) and 554 of the Bankruptcy Code

12-11004 Judge Kevin J. Carey 05/01/2013

New Century Holdings, Inc., et al

07-51598 Judge Kevin J. Carey 04/24/2008