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Case Name Case Number Judgesort descending Date Issued

Montague S. Claybrook, Ch. 7 Trustee for Bake-Line Group, LLC, et al. v. Consolidated Foods, Inc.

06-50322 Judge Peter J. Walsh 02/05/2007

Valley Media, Inc.

01-11353 Judge Peter J. Walsh 02/21/2003

Montague S. Claybrook, Trustee for Scott Acquisition Corp and its subsidiary Scotty's Inc. v. Broad and Cassel, P.A., Robert F. Mallett, L.L.C., and Robert F. Mallett

06-50821 Judge Peter J. Walsh 03/06/2007

Loewen Group International

99-1244 Judge Peter J. Walsh 02/19/2002

JAMES R. ZAZZALI, as Trustee for the Chapter 11 Estates of DBSI, Inc., DBSI Securities Corporation, DBSI Realty Inc., DCJ Inc., and DBSI Real Estate Funding Corporation, DBSI INVESTMENTS LIMITED PARTNER- SHIP; and DBSI REDEMPTION RESERVE FUND v John Foster

10-51309 Judge Peter J. Walsh 01/11/2011

Oakwood Homes Corporation, et al.

02-13396 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/22/2004

JAMES R. ZAZZALI, as Trustee of the DBSI Estate Litigation Trust created by operation of the Second Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Liquidation, v DOUGLAS L. SWENSON, et al

10-54649 Judge Peter J. Walsh 02/11/2011


07-51683 Judge Peter J. Walsh 11/04/2008

National Pipes & Plastics, Inc. v. N.P.P. Liquidation Co., DMS Construction Co. and The Jack Farrelly Co.

99-12 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/25/2000

Hechinger Liquidating Trust v. Porter-Cable Corporation

01-2877 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/26/2003

Hechinger Liquidation Trust, et al. v. Spectrum Group, Inc.

01-3388 Judge Peter J. Walsh 05/26/2004

NationsRent Inc. v. Clifton E. Sheffield

02-2235 Judge Peter J. Walsh 06/18/2003

Discovery Zone, Inc., et al

99-941 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/14/2001

BCP Liquidating LLC, as successor in interest to Borden Chemicals and Plastics Operating Limited Partnership, et al. v. Bridgeline Gas Marketing, LLC.

03-52162 Judge Peter J. Walsh 01/13/2006

TWA Inc. v. Southwest Airport Services, Inc.

02-75084 Judge Peter J. Walsh 04/13/2004


98-514 Judge Peter J. Walsh 10/05/2009

W.R. Grace & Co., et al. v. Margaret Chakarian et al., and John Does 1-1000

01-771 10/07/2004

Specialty Products Holding Corp. a/k/a RPM, Inc.

10-11780 05/20/2013

The Flintkote Company

04-11300 12/21/2012

Daniel and Catherine Sosnowski

01-11736 09/08/2004

Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation v. Transcontinental Insurance Company et al.

02-6531 01/16/2004

The Flintkote Company

04-11300 12/21/2012

Peregrine Systems, Inc and Peregrine Remedy, Inc.

02-12740 09/08/2004

American Pad & Paper Company

multiple adversaries 10/28/2003

AFD Fund v. TransMed Foods, Inc.

01-1225 08/18/2003