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Case Name Case Number Judgesort descending Date Issued

Montague S. Claybrook, Trustee for Scott Acquisition Corp and its subsidiary Scotty's Inc. v. Broad and Cassel, P.A., Robert F. Mallett, L.L.C., and Robert F. Mallett

06-50821 Judge Peter J. Walsh 03/06/2007

Alderwoods Group, Inc., et al. v. Charter Funerals, Inc. and CF Acquisitions, Inc.

05-30024 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/11/2006

APF Co.,et al.

98-1596 Judge Peter J. Walsh 02/05/2001


07-51694 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/29/2008


07-51683 Judge Peter J. Walsh 11/04/2008

JAMES R. ZAZZALI, as Trustee for the Debtors Jointly-Administered Chapter 11 Estates and/or as Litigation Trustee for the DBSI Estate Litigation Trust, v. 1031 EXCHANGE GROUP LLC, et al.

10-54648 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/01/2012

OHC v U S Fire Insurance

04-57054 Judge Peter J. Walsh 10/03/2008

Hechinger Investment Co. v. Raytheon Co.

01-1726 Judge Peter J. Walsh 12/03/2002

The Liquidation Trust of U.S. Wireless Corporation, Inc. et al. v. Neeraj Bhatnagar

03-55654 Judge Peter J. Walsh 11/23/2005

Montague S. Claybrook , Chapter 7 Trustee of Discovery Zone, Inc. et al. v. Wellspring Associates, LLC

01-1590 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/28/2004

John Adamson v. Margaretta E. Bernier

99-787 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/20/2002

James R. Zazzali, et al. v. Wavetronix LLC, et al.

10-55693 Judge Peter J. Walsh 10/31/2011

Joseph A. Pardo, Trustee v. William Gonzaba, M.D. et al.

00-830 Judge Peter J. Walsh 04/26/2004

EXDS, Inc. CB Richards Ellis, Inc.

03-56185 Judge Peter J. Walsh 10/13/2006

Joseph E. Eckbold, Jr. and Jaclyn M. D'Elia v. Susan Miller, Personal Representative of the Estate of Ronald A. Miller, Super Lawns, Inc. and Super Lawns of Fairfax, Inc.

12-51012 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/26/2013

George L. Miller, in his capacity as Chapter 7 Trustee of the bankruptcy estates of IH 1, IH 2, Inc., IH 3, Inc., IH 4, Inc. and/or IH 5, Inc. v. Metal Exchange Corporation

11-51329 Judge Peter J. Walsh 12/30/2011

World Health Alternatives, Inc., et al.

06-10166 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/07/2006

Hechinger Investment Company of DE, Inc. v. M.G.H. Home Improvement, Inc.

01-2645 Judge Peter J. Walsh 01/21/2003

DBSI, INC., et al.

08-12687 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/02/2012

Peter J. Almeroth, et al. v. Innovative Clinical Solutions, Ltd., et al.

01-155 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/27/2004

JAMES R. ZAZZALI, as Trustee of the DBSI Estate Litigation Trust created by operation of the Second Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Liquidation; and CONRAD MYERS, as Trustee of the DBSI Liquidating Trust created by operation of the Second Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Liquidation, v. WAVETRONIX LLC, DAVID V. ARNOLD, LINDA S. ARNOLD, MICHAEL JENSEN, JOHN DOES 1-50, and ABC ENTITIES 1-50.

10-55963 Judge Peter J. Walsh 05/27/2011

Dr. Alan Zimble and Mrs. Cindy Zimble v. Nanticoke Homes, Inc.

02-3148 Judge Peter J. Walsh 10/17/2003

Safety-Kleen Corp. , et al

00-02303 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/25/2009

Norm Gershman's Things to Wear Inc., and Norman Gershman v. Jennifer Ruth Gershman

04-56027 Judge Peter J. Walsh 11/15/2005

Professional Video Association, Inc. v William Danton, Professional Video Association, Inc. and Video Lottery Consultants, Inc.

00-247 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/08/2000