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Case Name Case Number Judgesort ascending Date Issued

Indianapolis Down, LLC., et al.

11-11046 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 10/26/2011

APCO Liquidating Trust

05-12355 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 07/09/2007

Industrial Enterprises of America, Inc. v Robert Burtis, Stacy Cannan, Thomas F. Cannan, Matthew Collyer, Susan Collyer, Ian Engelberg, Richard Mazzuto, Rick Mazzuto, Sarah Mazzuto, William Mazzuto, and Haley Udolf

11-51868 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 01/24/2012


06-50505 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 08/08/2008

CHARYS LIQUIDATING TRUST AND C&B LIQUIDATING TRUST, v. McMAHAN SECURITIES CO., L.P., (in re Charys Holding Company, Inc, et al, 08-10289)

10-50213 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 08/27/2010

Jerzy Wirth v. Ted Pridgen

15-50313 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 01/15/2016

Freedom Communications Holdings, Inc., et al.,

09-13046 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 05/31/2012


08-51142 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 10/08/2009


08-12651 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 05/18/2009

Steven E. Watson, Willard and Catina Isaacs, Lois E. Tunnell, Stephen and Melinda Basillo

07-11294, 07-10899, 07-11329, 07-11319 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 04/07/2008

In re Northshore Mainland Services, Inc. et al. -- Memorandum and Order Regarding Request For Protective Order By CCA Bahamas, Ltd.

15-11402 Judge Kevin J. Carey 08/27/2015

Tribune Company Memorandum

08-13141 Judge Kevin J. Carey 12/29/2011

Memorandum and Order relating to summary judgment motions (D.I.s 2028, 2030, 2061).

Filene's Basement, et al., 11-13511 Judge Kevin J. Carey 02/19/2013

In re Tribune Company, et al.
Memorandum and Order Disallowing and Expunging Claim of Maureen Dombeck (No. 3060)

08-13141 Judge Kevin J. Carey 05/02/2013

Tropicana Entertainment, LLC, et. al

Memorandum and Order regarding Fee Allocation Dispute

08-10856 Judge Kevin J. Carey 12/30/2014

Molly S. White and Ralph N. White v. New Century TRS Holdings, Inc. Memorandum

10-55357 Judge Kevin J. Carey 06/07/2011

FTI Consulting, Inc., as Trustee to the Centaur, LLC Litigation Trust v. Joseph Sweeney and Linda Porr Sweeney

Main case -- In re:  Centaur, LLC, et al. (10-10799)

12-50423 Judge Kevin J. Carey 08/19/2013

In re:  Quantum Foods, LLC, et al, Case No. 14-10318; The Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of Quantum Foods, LLC, et al. v. Independent Purchasing Cooperative, Inc., Case No. 16-50045 -- Memorandum Opinion and Order relating to Defendant's Motion to Dismiss Plaintiff's Complaint, or alternatively, Requiring a More Definite Statement and the Motion of the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors to Strike the Notice of Supplemental Authority.

16-50045 Judge Kevin J. Carey 08/09/2016

Memorandum and Order Granting, in Part, and Denying, in Part, Motion for Summary Judgment with Respect to the Claim of Berco Oil Company North Tapo Lease, LLC.

Landsource Communities Development LLC, et al., 08-11111 Judge Kevin J. Carey 01/11/2013

IMMC Liquidating Estate Memorandum and Order

10-53063 Judge Kevin J. Carey 12/29/2011

Fidelity Bond and Mortgage Company v. Steven D. Brand, et al.

00-257 USBC-PA Eastern Judge Kevin J. Carey 04/14/2006

In re:  Centaur, LLC, 10-10799 / Adversary:  FTI Consulting, Inc., as Trustee to the Centaur, LLC Litigation Trust, Plaintiff, v. Malvern C. Burroughs and Thomas Hicks, Defendants (12-50436)

Memorandum relating to Motion to Re-transfer Adversary Proceeding and Order Denying the Motion

12-50436 Judge Kevin J. Carey 01/05/2015

New Century TRS Holdings, Inc., et al.

Memorandum relating to The New Century Liquidating Trust's Motion for Entry of an Order to Determine that the Debtors have Complied with the Order Establishing Bar Dates for Filing Proofs of Claim and Approving Form, Manner and Sufficiency of Notice Thereof and Order granting the Trust's Motion.

07-10416 Judge Kevin J. Carey 08/30/2013

Arclin US Holdings, Inc., et al Order

09-12628 Judge Kevin J. Carey 10/09/2009

In re Northshore Mainland Services, Inc., et , -- Memorandum and Order DENYING dismissal motion as to the chapter 11 case of Northshore Mainland Services, Inc.; and GRANTING, without prejudice, the dismissal motions as to the Debtors' remaining chapter 11 cases.

15-11402 Judge Kevin J. Carey 09/15/2015