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Case Name Case Number Judgesort descending Date Issued

Safety-Kleen (Pinewood), Inc. v. Sumter County, South Carolina

00-1984 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/27/2001

Peter J. Almeroth et al. v. Innovative Clinical Solutions, Ltd. et al.

01-155 Judge Peter J. Walsh 11/07/2003

Harnischfeger Industries, Inc., et al.

99-2171 Judge Peter J. Walsh 04/30/2001

DBSI, INC., et al

08-12687 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/07/2009

Terry Lee Fluke

00-1364 Judge Peter J. Walsh 02/10/2004

William R. Eldridge v. Loewen Group International, Inc., et al.

01-42 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/04/2002

APF Co.,et al.

98-1596 Judge Peter J. Walsh 02/05/2001

Professional Video Association, Inc. v William Danton, Professional Video Association, Inc. and Video Lottery Consultants, Inc.

00-247 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/08/2000

Valley Media, Inc. v. Toys R Us, Inc.

02-3203 Judge Peter J. Walsh 01/21/2003

Scott Peltz v. Worldnet Corp.

00-1948 Judge Peter J. Walsh 06/27/2002

TWA Inc. Post Confirmation Estate

01-00056 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/07/2007

NationsRent Inc. v. Clifton E. Sheffield

02-2235 Judge Peter J. Walsh 06/18/2003

Protarga Inc., v. Nigel L. Webb and Five Palms Corporation, Ltd.

04-53374 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/01/2005

Homeplace of American, Inc. v. Toastmaster, Inc.

02-7102 Judge Peter J. Walsh 05/31/2005

George L. Miller, Chapter 7 Trustee v Sun Capital Partners, Inc., et al

10-52279 Judge Peter J. Walsh 12/10/2010

Point Blank Solutions, Inc., v. Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP (as both Escrow Agent and Co-Lead Counsel for Lead Plaintiffs); Labaton Sucharow LLP (as Co-Lead Counsel for Lead Plaintiffs); Law Offices of Thomas G. Amon (as Co-Lead Counsel in the Derivative Action); and Robbins Umeda LLP (as Co-Lead Counsel in the Derivative Action); David H. Brooks; Sandra Hatfield; Dawn M. Schlegel; Cary Chasin; Jerome Krantz; Gary Nadelman;Barry Beckman; and Larry R. Ellis.

10-55361 Judge Peter J. Walsh 05/20/2011


07-51750 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/25/2008

Joseph E. Eckbold, Jr. and Jaclyn M. D'Elia v. Susan Miller, Personal Representative of the Estate of Ronald A. Miller, Super Lawns, Inc. and Super Lawns of Fairfax, Inc.

12-51012 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/26/2013

Pillowtex Corporation & Fieldcrest Cannon, Inc v. The May Department Stores Company

03-57583 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/27/2004

George L. Miller, Chapter 7 Trustee for DBSI ST Tower LeaseCo LLC v. DC Construction Associates, Inc. a/k/a DC Construction Associates

A-10-54644 Judge Peter J. Walsh 03/07/2013

NETVERSANT-SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, INC., a California corporation, v JOHNSON CONTROLS, INC., a Wisconsin corporation, et al.

09-50398 Judge Peter J. Walsh 03/30/2010

BCP Liquidating LLC, et al. v. Union Tank Car Company

03-52532 Judge Peter J. Walsh 03/30/2004

BLITZ U.S.A. Inc., et al.

11-13603 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/09/2012


07-51683 Judge Peter J. Walsh 11/04/2008

TWA Inc. Post Confirmation Estate v. Board of County Commissioners of the County of Oklahoma in the State of Oklahoma

03-70106 Judge Peter J. Walsh 11/03/2003