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Case Name Case Number Judgesort ascending Date Issued

The Flintkote Company

04-11300 12/21/2012

AFD Fund v. TransMed Foods, Inc.

01-1225 08/18/2003

Owens Corning, et al. v. Michael Burchfield and R.Q. Whitmire; Charles W. Stein and Michael Thaman v. Michael Burchfield and R.Q. Whitmire

03-55737 03-56302 01/19/2005

Hechinger Investment Co. v. Raytheon Co.

01-1726 Judge Peter J. Walsh 12/03/2002

Medicalogic/Medscape, Inc. v. Omar Amirana, et al.

02-6380 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/30/2004

John Adamson v. Margaretta E. Bernier

99-787 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/20/2002

Borden Chemicals and Plastics Operating Limited Partnership, et al.

01-1268 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/23/2004

Keith F. Cooper, as Liquidating Trustee of the Bridgeport Holdins, Inc. Liquidating Trust v. Tech Data Corporation

05-50064 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/12/2005

TMP Worldwide, Inc. v. Inacom Corp.

00-1115 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/07/2001

JAMES R. ZAZZALI, as Trustee for the Debtors Jointly-Administered Chapter 11 Estates and/or as Litigation Trustee for the DBSI Estate Litigation Trust, v. 1031 EXCHANGE GROUP LLC, et al.

10-54648 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/01/2012

Trans World Airlines Inc., et al.

01-0056 Judge Peter J. Walsh 04/02/2001

Zenith Industrial Corporation v. Longwood Elastomers, Inc.

04-53015 Judge Peter J. Walsh 08/30/2006


05-14164 Judge Peter J. Walsh 01/09/2009

ATLS Acquisition, LLC, et al.

13-10262(PJW) Judge Peter J. Walsh 02/06/2014

Cosmetic Center, Inc. v Allou Health & Beauty Care, Inc.

00-445 Judge Peter J. Walsh 10/13/2000

Street v. End of the Road Trust

08-50605 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/17/2008

Dr. Alan Zimble and Mrs. Cindy Zimble v. Nanticoke Homes, Inc.

02-3148 Judge Peter J. Walsh 10/17/2003

James R. Zazzali, et al. v. Wavetronix LLC, et al.

10-55693 Judge Peter J. Walsh 10/31/2011

CHRISS W. STREET, as Former Trustee of the End of the Road Trust v. DANIEL W. HARROW, as Successor Trustee of the End of the Road Trust

08-50295 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/15/2011

Hacienda v. United Artists

00-03514 Judge Peter J. Walsh 06/19/2009

Beloit v. Asia Pulp & Paper Company, Ltd., et al.

01-927 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/28/2001

Dr. Alan Zimble and Mrs. Cindy Zimble v. Nanticoke Homes, Inc.

02-3148 Judge Peter J. Walsh 07/28/2003

George L. Miller, in his capacity as Chapter 7 Trustee of the bankruptcy estates of IH 1, IH 2, Inc., IH 3, Inc., IH 4, Inc. and/or IH 5, Inc. v. Metal Exchange Corporation

11-51329 Judge Peter J. Walsh 12/30/2011


11-51991 Judge Peter J. Walsh 09/28/2011


07-10146 Judge Peter J. Walsh 12/11/2007