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Case Name Case Number Judge Date Issuedsort ascending

In re Pallet Company LLC (f/k/a iGPS Company LLC) (Memorandum Order)

13-11459 Judge Kevin Gross 05/20/2014

In re Spansion, Inc., et al -- Memorandum Order relating to the Motions of the Ad Hoc Committee of Equity Security Holders and the Ad Hoc Committee of Convertible Noteholders seeking payment of professional fees and expenses

09-10690 Judge Kevin J. Carey 05/14/2014

In re: Goody's LLC, et al.

09-10124 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 05/13/2014

Optim Energy, LLC, et al.

14-10262 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 05/13/2014

In re: Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited (In Special Liquidation), Tampa Port Authority, a body Politic and corporate existing under the laws of the State of Florida, Plaintiff, v. Chuck Taylor of Madison Marquette, in his Capacity as Receiver for Channelside Bay Mall, LLC, a Florida Limtied Liability Company, and Irish Bank Resoution Corporation Limited, f/k/a/ Anglo Irish Bank Corporation, PLC.  - MEMORANDUM ORDER

13-12159, 14-50084 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 05/12/2014

In re: Joan Fabrics Corporation, et al.

07-10479 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 05/05/2014

In re: The Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited (In Special Liquidation), Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law

13-12159 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 04/30/2014

Filene's Basement, LLC -- Memorandum regarding Competing Motions related to the Lease of Non-Residential Real Property Located in Secaucus, New Jersey 

11-13511 Judge Kevin J. Carey 04/29/2014

Filene's Basement, LLC - Order (I) Approving Settlement (II) Authorizing Assumption and Assignment of Unexpired Lease of Non-Residential Real Property Located at One Syms Way, Secaucus, New Jersey and (III) Granting Related Relief

11-13511 Judge Kevin J. Carey 04/29/2014

Thomas Bruce Wilmoth and Donna Marie Wilmoth

12-12259 (BLS) Judge Brendan L. Shannon 04/15/2014

In re:  New Century TRS Holdings, Inc. -- Memorandum and Order Disallowing Claim No. 3759 of Pierre Augustin

07-10416 Judge Kevin J. Carey 04/10/2014

George L. Miller v. Kirkland & Ellis LLP

A-12-50713 Judge Peter Walsh 04/07/2014


Jeoffrey L. Burtch, as Chapter 7 Trustee of the Estate of Debtor Advance Nanotech, Inc., Plaintiff, v. Owlstone, inc., Brett Bader, Thomas Finn, John Buttles, Ingalls & Snyder, LLC, and Horace Shephard Boone                                                                                                                                  

13-51215 Judge Mary F. Walrath 04/02/2014

Devin G. Tomaseski

14-10337 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 03/31/2014

Lisa M. Czarniak, on behalf of herself and all others similarly situated v. Entertainment Publications, LLC Investors United, LLC, MH Private Equty Fund, LLC, MH- EPI Entertainment.

13-50912 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 03/12/2014

Alfred A. Silva v. New Century TRS Holdings, Inc. (Main Case:  New Century TRS Holdings, Inc., 07-10416) Memorandum and Order Denying Motion of Alfred A. Silva, pro se, to consider Proof of Claim Timely Filed and Dismissing Complaint

11-53199 Judge Kevin J. Carey 03/07/2014

New Century TRS Holdings, Inc., et al. -- Memorandum and Order denying Kimberly S. Cromwell's Motion to consider Proof of Claim Timely Filed.

07-10416 Judge Kevin J. Carey 03/04/2014

Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc. v. Alan P. Parnes, Richard H. Rowe, Peter G. Samuels, Steven O. Weise, and Proskauer Rose, LLP

A-13-52492 Judge Peter Walsh 02/21/2014

ATLS Acquisition, LLC, et al.

13-10262(PJW) Judge Peter Walsh 02/06/2014

In re Ritz Camera & Image, LLC, et al., (Main case - In re Ritz camera & Image, L.L.C., et al.

12-50986 Judge Kevin Gross 02/04/2014

In re Pallet Company  LLC (f/k/a iGPS Company LLC)

13-11459 Judge Kevin Gross 02/04/2014

New Century TRS Holdings, Inc., et al, Case No. 07-10416 -- Adversary:  Anita B. Carr v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. Chase Home Finance, LLC et al.,and DOES 1 - 10 -- Memorandum and Order Dismissing Adversary Proceeding for Lack of Jurisdiction

13-51058 Judge Kevin J. Carey 02/03/2014


Alfred T. Giuliano, Chapter 7 Trustee, Plaintiff, v. Innovative Nationwide Builders, Inc., Debtors.

11-52633 Judge Mary F. Walrath 01/31/2014

In re:  EVERGREEN SOLAR, INC., Debtor.

U.S. Bank N.A.., Plaintiff f. DHL Global Forwarding, Defendant.

13=50486 Judge Mary F. Walrath 01/28/2014

In re Fisker Automotive Holdings, Inc., et al.

13-13087 Judge Kevin Gross 01/17/2014