Local Rules (in Effect February 1, 2023)

Local Rules (in Effect February 1, 2023) - PDF

Local Rules Redlined Version (in Effect February 1, 2023) - PDF


Local Rule Number Form Type Description
   PDF Local Rules Chronology Table
    PDF   Local Rules Table of Contents
1001-1 PDF Scope of Rules
1002-1 PDF Commencement of Case
1003-1 PDF Entry of Order for Relief on Involuntary Petition
1006-1 PDF Filing Fees
1007-1 PDF Lists, Schedules and Statements
1007-2 PDF st of Creditors/Mailing Matrix
1009-1 PDF Notice by Chapter 7, Chapter 12 or Chapter 13 Debtor to Creditors Not Scheduled Prior to Meeting of Creditors
1009-2 PDF Notice of Amendment of Schedules in Chapter 11 Cases
1014-1 PDF Transfer of Cases or Adversary Proceedings to Another District
1015-1 PDF Joint Administration of Cases Pending in the Same Court
1016-1 PDF Suggestion of Death
1017-1 PDF Petition Deficiencies
1017-2 PDF Dismissal of Chapter 11 Case
1017-3 PDF Closing of Cases by Substantive
2002-1 PDF Notices to Creditors, Equity Security Holders, United States and United States Trustee
2003-1 PDF Submission of Interrogatories in Lieu of Live Testimony at Meetings Conducted under 11 U.S.C. 341 in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Cases
2004-1 PDF Rule 2004 Examinations
2011-1 PDF Certification of Debtor-in-Possession Status or Trustee Qualification
2014-1 PDF Employment of Professional Persons
2015-2 PDF Debtor-in-Possession Bank Accounts in Chapter 11 Cases
2016-1 PDF Disclosure of Compensation
2016-2 PDF Motion for Compensation and Reimbursement of Expenses
3001-1 PDF Filing Proof of Claim; Transfer of Claim
3002-1 PDF Government Deadline to File Proof of Claim
3003-1 PDF Proofs of Claim in Chapter 11 Cases
3007-1 PDF Omnibus Objection to Claims
3007-2 PDF Service of Objections to Claims;  Notices in Lieu of Full Objection
3011-1 PDF Deposit or Release  of Funds Paid into the Registry of the Court
3011-2 PDF Motion for Release of Funds Paid into the Registry of the Court - Confidentiality
3015-1 PDF Chapter 12 Plan and Confirmation Requirements
3016-1 PDF Redline or Blackline of Plan and Disclosure Statement Documents
3016-2 PDF Plan Supplements
3017-1 PDF Approval of Disclosure statement
3017-2 PDF Combined Hearings on Approval of Disclosure Statements and Confirmation of Plans in Liquidation Chapter 11 Cases
3017-3 PDF Disclosure Statement & Confirmation Briefs and Memoranda
3022-1 PDF Closing of Chapter 11 Cases
3023-1 PDF Special Procedures in Chapter 13 Matters
4001-1 PDF Procedure on Request for Relief from the Automatic Stay of 11 U.S.C. § 362 (a)
4001-2 PDF Cash Collateral and Financing Orders
4001-3 PDF Investment in Money Market Funds
4001-4 PDF Procedures on Motion for Continuation or Imposition of Automatic Stay
4002-1 PDF Duties of Debtor under 11 U.S.C. § 521 in Chapter 7 and 13 Cases
4003-1 PDF Exemptions
4004-1 PDF Automatic Extension of Time to File Complaint Objection to Discharge in Event of Amendment
4007-1 PDF Automatic Extension of Time to File Complaint to Determine Dischargeability of a Debt in Event of Amendment
5001-2 PDF Clerk's Office Location; Hours; After Hours Filings
5005-2 PDF Facsimile Documents and E-Mailed Documents
5005-4 PDF Electronic Filing
5009-1 PDF Closing of Chapter 7 Cases
5009-2 PDF Closing of Chapter 15 Cases
5010-1 PDF Reopening Cases
5011-1 PDF Motions for Withdrawal of Reference from Bankruptcy Court
6004-1 PDF Sale and Sale Procedures Motions
7001-1 PDF Scope of Rules - Adversary Proceedings
7003-1 PDF Adversary Proceeding Cover Sheet
7004-2 PDF Summons and Notice of Pretrial Conference in an Adversary Proceeding
7007-1 PDF Briefs:  When Required and Schedule
7007-2 PDF Form and Contents of Briefs and Appendices
7007-3 PDF Oral Argument, Hearing on Adversary Proceeding Motions
7007-4 PDF Notice of Completion of Briefing or Certificate of Not Objections, and Notice of Completion of Briefing Binder
7008-1 PDF Statement in Pleadings Regarding Consent to Entry of Order or Judgment in Core Proceeding
7012-1 PDF Statement in Answer, Motion or Response Thereto Regarding Consent to Entry of Order or Judgment in Core Proceeding
7012-2 PDF Extension of Time Plead or File Motion
7016-1 PDF Fed. R. Civ. P. 16 Scheduling Conference
7016-2 PDF Pretrial Conference
7016-3 PDF Telephonic Fed. R. Civ. P. 16 Scheduling Conference or Pretrial Conference
7026-1 PDF Discovery
7026-2 PDF Service of Discovery Materials
7026-3 PDF Discovery of Electronic Documents ("E-Discovery")
7030-1 PDF Depositions
7055-1 PDF Default
7056-1 PDF Plaintiff's Pre-Answer Summary Judgment Motion
8003-1 PDF Transmittal of Notice of Appeal to Bankruptcy Judge;  Committee Notice and Request for Service
8003-2 PDF Opinion in Support of Order
8004-1 PDF Applicability to Appeals by Leave
8009-1 PDF Record on Appeal
8024-1 PDF Notice of Disposition of Appeal
9004-1 PDF Caption
9006-1 PDF Time for Service and Filing of Motions and Objections
9006-2 PDF Bridge Orders Not Required in Certain Circumstances
9010-1 PDF Bar Admission
9010-2 PDF Substitution;  Withdrawal
9010-3 PDF Appearance by Supervised Law Student
9011-4 PDF Signatures
9013-1 PDF Motions and Applications
9013-3 PDF Service Copies
9018-1 PDF Exhibits; Documents under Seal;  Confidentiality
9019-1 PDF Certificate of Counsel
9019-2 PDF Mediator and Arbitrator Qualifications and Compensation
9019-3 PDF Assignment of Disputes to Mediation or Voluntary Arbitration
9019-4 PDF Arbitration
9019-5 PDF Mediation
9019-6 PDF Other Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures
9019-7 PDF Notice of Court Annexed Alternative Dispute Resolution Program
9022-1 PDF Service of Judgment or Order
9027-1 PDF Statement in Notice of Removal Regarding Consent to Entry of Order or Judgment in Core Proceeding
9029-2 PDF Modalities and Guidelines for Communication and Cooperation Between Courts in Cross-Border Insolvency Matters
9029-3 PDF Hearing Agenda Required
9033-1 PDF Transmittal to the District Court of Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
9036-1 PDF Electronic Transmission of Court Notices; Service on Registered CM/ECF Users; Use of Technology in the Courtroom
9037-1 PDF Redaction of Personal Data Identifiers