Rule 9036-1 Electronic Transmission of Court Notices; Use of Technology in the Courtroom

  1. Court Notices.  To eliminate redundant paper notices, all registered electronic filing participants will receive notices required to be sent by the Clerk via electronic transmission only.  No notices from the Clerk's Office will be sent in paper format, with the exception of the Notice of Meeting of Creditors, which will be sent in both paper and electronic format.  The electronic transmission of notices by the Clerk will be deemed complete upon transmission.  The Court has established "opt-out" procedures to ensure that any registered electronic filing participant may receive paper notices in addition to electronic notices by requesting such notices in writing to the Clerk's Office.
  2. Use of Technology in the Courtroom.  Parties intending to use any technology in the Courtroom must give the Court three (3) business days' notice.  Notice should be sent via email to  Appropriate chambers should also be notified.