Rule 9029-3 Hearing Agenda Required.

In all chapter 7 asset cases and chapter 11 cases, debtor's counsel (or counsel to the trustee if one is appointed) shall file an agenda for each scheduled hearing in the case, in substantial conformity to Local Form 111 and meeting the requirements set forth in this Local Rule.

  1. General Requirements of Agenda.
    1. Local counsel shall file the agenda in the bankruptcy case and adversary proceeding, if applicable, with the Bankruptcy Court on or before 12:00 p.m. prevailing Eastern Time two (2) business days before the date of the hearing.  Failure to file the agenda timely may subject counsel to a fine.
    2. Resolved or continued matters shall be listed before unresolved matters.  Contested matters (and documents within each matter) shall be listed in the order of docketing with corresponding docket numbers.  All amended agendas shall list matters as listed in the original agenda, with added matters being listed last and all changes being made in bold print.
    3. Copies of the proposed agenda shall be served upon local counsel who have entered an appearance in the case, as well as all other counsel with a direct interest in any matter on the agenda, substantially contemporaneous with the Court filing.
  2. Motions.
    1. General Information.  For each motion, the agenda shall provide the title, docket number and date filed.  Supporting papers shall be similarly listed.
    2. Objection Information.  For each motion, the agenda shall provide the objection deadline and any objections filed, and provide the docket number and the date filed, if available.
    3. Status Information.  For each motion, the agenda shall provide whether the matter is going forward, whether a continuance is requested (and any opposition to the continuance, if known), whether any or all of the objections have been resolved and any other pertinent status information.
  3. Adversary Proceedings.  When an adversary proceeding is scheduled, the agenda shall indicate the adversary proceeding number in addition to the information required by Local Rule 9029-3(b).
  4. Hearing Binders.  The agenda shall be submitted to the respective Judge's chambers in a hearing binder containing copies of all documents relevant to matters scheduled to be considered by the Court at such hearing.  Hearing binders shall contain only the substantive documents necessary for the hearing (i.e., motions and responses) and shall not contain documents related to continued or resolved matters.  Certificates of service shall not be included in the hearing binder unless adequacy of service is an issue to be considered by the Court.
  5. Amended Agenda.  Where an amended agenda is necessary, the amended agenda shall (in bold print) note any material changes in the status of any agenda matter.