Rule 9019-1 Certificate of Counsel.

Filed objection(s) or informal objection(s) to a Motion, Omnibus Objection to Claims or other pleading filed with the Court may be resolved by submitting a revised or agreed form of order filed with a Certificate of Counsel ("CoC") consistent with all of the following requirements stated in (a) – (c) below.  The CoC procedure may also be utilized under such other circumstances as the Court directs.

  1. The CoC must be signed by Delaware Counsel (as defined in Local Rule 9010-1), and attach a proposed revised or agreed form of order as an exhibit.  The CoC must state whether the revised or agreed form of order has been reviewed and approved by all the parties affected by the order.  A CoC shall be served on all affected parties.
  2. If there is an applicable objection deadline, the CoC may not be filed until forty-eight (48) hours after that deadline.
  3. In cases in which a Notice of Agenda is required under Local Rule 9029-3 and where the revised or agreed form of order has been finalized in advance of the deadline for the filing of the Notice of Agenda, the Delaware counsel responsible for the filing of the Notice of Agenda shall include the CoC pleadings in the CNO binder that is otherwise required under these Local Rules.  In all other cases, the CoC pleadings shall be submitted in accordance with each respective Judge's chambers procedures.  Such chambers procedures, if any, are available on the Court's website.

Upon receipt of the CoC, the Court may enter the order attached to the CoC without further pleading or hearing or schedule the CoC for hearing.