Rule 9010-2 Substitution; Withdrawal

  1. Substitution.  If a party in an adversary proceeding or a debtor in any case wishes to substitute attorneys, a substitution of counsel document signed by the original attorney and the substituted attorney shall be filed.  If a trustee, debtor or official committee wishes to substitute attorneys or any other professional whose employment was subject to approval by the Court, a motion for retention of the new professional must also be filed.
  2. Withdrawal.  An attorney may withdraw an appearance for a party without the Court's permission (i) when such withdrawal will leave a member of the Bar of the District Court appearing as attorney of record for the party, or (ii) when the party (a) has no controversy pending before the Court and (b) the attorney certifies that the party consents to withdrawal of counsel.  Otherwise, no appearance shall be withdrawn except by order on a motion duly noticed to each party and served on the party client, at least fourteen (14) days before the motion is presented, by registered or certified mail addressed to the client's last known address.
  3. Service.  Substitutions and motions for withdrawal under this Local Rule shall be served (i) in an adversary proceeding, on all parties to the proceeding and (ii) in a bankruptcy case, on all parties entitled to notice under Fed. R. Bankr. P. 2002.
  4. Effect of Failure to Comply.  Until paragraph (a) or (b), as applicable, and paragraph (c) of Local Rule 9010-2 are complied with and an order, if necessary, is entered, the original attorney remains the client's attorney of record.