Virtual § 341 Meetings of Creditors

The U.S. Trustee Program is implementing virtual § 341 meetings of creditors in chapter 7, 12, and 13 cases in the District of Delaware for § 341 meetings noticed on or after September 1, 2023.

On the date of your scheduled Meeting of Creditors, unless otherwise directed by your Trustee or attorney, please log in or call in five minutes before your assigned meeting time and mute your phone/computer until your case is called.  Please follow the instructions below to ensure a smooth meeting of creditors:

  1. Refer to the Meeting of Creditors notice sent by the court to determine the Meeting ID and Passcode of the Trustee assigned to your case.
Ch Trustee Name Meeting ID Passcode Phone Number Meeting Link
7 Beskrone, D 835 402 6335 5427592101 (302) 375-8257 ZOOM Link
7 Burtch, J 467 176 1801 9581459359 (302) 375-8160 ZOOM Link
7 Carickhoff, D 486 730 1654 0316515364 (302) 375-8188 ZOOM Link
7 Giuliano, A 785 696 6934 0128776228 (856) 329-7752 ZOOM Link
7 Miller, G 653 180 0746 7131311419 (267) 362-3487 ZOOM Link
12/13 Jaworski, W 464 114 9370 4893137085 (302) 375-8305 ZOOM Link
12/13 Waterman, S 503 796 7663 4545941595 (484) 309-8709 ZOOM Link
  1. Log into or click on the corresponding link above, or to connect telephonically call the phone number corresponding to the appropriate Trustee.
  2. Once connected, follow any prompts to enter the appropriate meeting ID and passocode.
  3. Attend the meeting from a quiet area where there is as little background noise as possible.
  4. Mute your device and do not speak until the bankruptcy trustee calls your case. (Other meetings of creditors will likely be in session when you call in. You will still be able to hear the trustee even when your device is muted.) 
  5. Unmute your device when the trustee calls your case so that the trustee can hear you. 
  6. Wait until the trustee calls your case before speaking because more than one case may be waiting on the conference line at any given time.
  7. When speaking, identify yourself.
  8. Do not put the meeting on hold at any time after it is connected.
  9. Once your meeting of creditors is finished, disconnect from the meeting.
  10. If you become disconnected before your meeting of creditors is finished, perform the same initial steps to connect again.

Debtor's counsel must verify on the record that they have confirmed their client's identity prior to the section 341 meeting of creditors, either via Facetime or Skype or other means. Required documents for the section 341 meeting of creditors should be provided to the trustee a week prior to the section 341 meeting of creditors. These documents should include information sufficient for the trustee to verify the debtor's SSN. Debtors shall have these documents available during the section 341 meeting of creditors in the event there are questions about the information in the documents. The section 341 meeting of creditors will be recorded by the trustee. Any other recordings are prohibited. 


For more information, including what documents to provide to the trustee prior to the meeting, click here