These instructions assume you have already accessed and logged into CM/ECF (see How to Access CM/ECF).



  1. [Bankruptcy] or [Adversary] - depending on what type of case you're filing in

  2. [Motions/Applications] (or [Motions] from the Adversary menu)

  3. Enter Case # [Next]

  4. Select [Stipulation] [Next]

  5. Joint Filing (Bypass this screen - do NOT check this box) [Next]

  6. Select the party you represent [Next]

  7. Click [Browse] to associate the PDF of the Stipulation, then click the "Yes" button [Next]

    • Add the Certificate of Service as an attachment

      • Click [Browse], select the PDF of the Certificate of Service, and click [Open]

      • Click the drop-down arrow in the "Type" box and select "Certificate of Service

      • Click [Add to List]

      • Click [Next]

  8. If this Stipulation refers to a pleading on the docket, check the box next to "Refer to existing event(s)?"

    • Select the category of documents to which this document refers, and enter a document # range (if known) [Next].

      • For example, if the stipulation refers to a motion, select "motion".  If you know the docket # of the motion enter the docket # in both the "to" and "from" fields.

    • Check the box next to the entry to which this Stipulation refers [Next]

  9. Next to "Stipulation with Whom?" enter the name of the other stipulating party

  10. Docket text appears.  In the free text field next to "Stipulation" enter what is being stipulated to. 

    • For example, "to extend objection deadline"

  11. If there are additional parties to the stipulation, add them in the second free text field, then click [Next]

  12. Proof this screen carefully! No further editing is allowed after this screen.  If the docket text is correct, click [Next].  If any part of it is incorrect, click the browser [Back] button to return to the screen you need to correct. Then process the screens again with the respective [Next] or [Submit] buttons.

  13. The Notice of Electronic Filing appears.  This is the verification that the filing has been sent electronically to the courtís database. It certifies that this is now an official court document.

NOTE:  If filing a stipulation regarding rescheduling a hearing, a Notice of Hearing must be filed next.


updated:  April 30, 2003