Statement of Social Security Number(s), Official Form 21


EFFECTIVE DEC. 1, 2003, per F.R.Bankr.P. 1007(f):  An individual debtor shall submit a verified statement that sets out the debtor’s social security number, or states that the debtor does not have a social security number. In a voluntary case, the debtor shall submit the statement with the petition. In an involuntary case, the debtor shall submit the statement within 15 days after the entry of the order for relief.

This Statement is to be submitted to the Court via e-mail, effective December 1, 2003.  This Statement must not be e-filed in CM/ECF since it is not to be part of the case file.  Please see the submission instructions which are posted here (Microsoft Word format, Word Perfect format), along with the form, on the Court's website in the "Forms" section.

November 28, 2003