Request to Change Filing Date


If CM/ECF is not operating and a deadline passes while the system is down, wait for the system to become available, then e-file the document.  After the document is e-filed, prepare a Request to Change Filing Date which includes the case number and document number and the date to which you are requesting to have the filing date changed.  Also prepare an affidavit which includes the case number and document number, a statement that the system was down, and the date(s) and time(s) you attempted to file.  E-file this Request.  Upon receipt of this filing, if court staff determines that the documents are in good order and your request can be verified, the filing date will be modified.


The following documents are required to be associated and attached to this docket entry and should be saved AS SEPARATE FILES in PDF format:  (1) Request to Change Filing Date; (2) Affidavit


These instructions assume you have already accessed and logged into CM/ECF (see How to Access CM/ECF).



*To abort or restart the transaction at any time up until the final docket text screen, click the [Bankruptcy] hyperlink on the Menu Bar*


updated:  April 22, 2003