Notice of Withdrawal

A Notice of Withdrawal may be filed by the original party filer to withdraw a previously filed pleading.   The following must be included in the Notice (there is no form for this):

1.    The caption must state the case name and number and the related document number

2.    The body must state a description of the document and the reason for requesting it be withdrawn


If you have attached a wrong PDF image or have filed a document in the wrong case, you will need to file a Notice of Withdrawal to have the docket entry marked "Withdrawn".


These instructions assume you have already accessed and logged into CM/ECF (see How to Access CM/ECF).




NOTE: To abort or restart the transaction at any time up until the final docket text screen, click the [Bankruptcy] hyperlink on the Menu Bar.

February 8, 2007 ~  Instructions for the Joint Filing screen have been removed (screen is no longer part of this event).
May 12, 2006 ~ to remove reference to Notice of Document Entered in Error - this notice will not longer be accepted/considered by the court for e-filing errors.
June 14, 2004