How to Use This Manual

This manual is intended for use by attorneys and their staff as a guide for Court procedures and for instructions on electronic filing in CM/ECF. This is an online manual which can be accessed from the Courtís website ( from the [Case Information] button. This manual works best with Netscape 7.0.  It is recommended that this manual be utilized frequently to ensure you are following the most up-to-date Court procedures.  Please do NOT print this manual for future reference, as it will be updated regularly.  Please use this manual simultaneously with CM/ECF to ensure you are following proper steps when e-filing (see instructions below for how to open both and work side-by-side). 

How to Open both the Manual & CM/ECF

How to Resize, Adjust and Move the Two Windows so you can Work Side-by-Side with CM/ECF

  • To resize the windows:

    • Click on the "restore" button at the top-right hand corner, middle button on BOTH windows. This will reduce the size of both of the windows. (see Figure 1)

  • Adjust both windows to fit your screen.  To adjust a window:

    • Height:  With double-sided arrow showing, click on the top or bottom of the window frame and move up or down. 

    • Width:  With double-sided arrow showing, click on the window's left or right side of frame and move left or right. 

    • Diagonally:  With the double-sided arrow, click on any corner and move in diagonally. 

  • To move and place the two windows side-by-side (see Figure 2): 

    • Click and hold one of the top window's blue bar with a single-sided arrow showing (pointer) and move to the left or right.

    • Repeat the same for the second window.



updated:  April 30, 2003


Figure 1:  Restoring Window Down

Figure 2:  Two Windows (Manual on left, CM/ECF on right)