How to Access CM/ECF

  1. Open your Internet browser.  CM/ECF has been tested successfully using Internet Explorer 6.0 and Netscape 7.2 as representative browsers. Other browsers and browser versions may work as well.

  2. Go to the Court's website (

  3. Click on the [CM/ECF] button from the list of buttons on the left side of screen

  4. A new "Case Information" page will appear

  5. From the Case Information page, click the link titled [CM/ECF Live System] 

  6. The ECF/PACER Login screen displays

  7. Click in the Login field and enter your CM/ECF login

  8. Click in the Password field and enter your password

  9. NOTE:  Your login and password are case sensitive.  If you have trouble logging-in, check to make sure the Caps Lock on your keyboard is not depressed.

  10. Click [Login]


Updated:  October 24, 2006