E-Filing Instructions:


These instructions assume you have already accessed and logged into CM/ECF (see How to Access CM/ECF).

  1. Select [Adversary]

  2. Click [Other]

  3. Enter Case # and click [Next]

  4. Select [Brief] and click [Next]

  5. The Select the Party screen displays

  6. Click [Browse] to associate the PDF of the motion, then click the "Yes" button

  7. Add the attachments:

    • For example, click [Browse] and select the certificate of service.  In the Description field type "Certificate of Service".  Click [Add to List]

  8. Check the box next to, [Refer to existing event(s)?] and click [Next]

    • Select the category to which this document relates and click [Next]

      • If filing an Opening Brief, select "motion" to refer to the motion

      • If filing an Answering Brief or a Reply Brief, select "misc" to refer to the brief

    • Check the box next to document to which this brief refers and click [Next]

  9. The docket text appears:

    • Click on the Prefix Text box and click on the appropriate selection (ex. "Opening", "Answering", or "Reply")

    • If needed, click inside the Free Text box and enter additional descriptive information

    • Click [Next]

  10. The Final Docket Text screen displays.

    • Proof this screen carefully!  No further editing is allowed after this screen.  If the docket text is correct, click [Next] to submit.

    • If any part of the docket text is incorrect, click the browser [Back] button to return to the screen you need to correct.  Then process the screens again with the respective [Next] or [Submit] buttons.

    • NOTE:  To abort or restart the transaction at any time up until the final docket text screen, click the Bankruptcy or Adversary hyperlink on the Menu Bar.

  11. The Notice of Electronic Filing screen displays.

    • Print a copy of this notice by clicking the browser [Print] button.

    • NOTE:  You must enter your PACER login and password to view any documents or reports or perform any queries.


Updated:  September 5, 2003