Batch and Multi-Case Filing

Batch and Multi-Case filing were developed to expedite the filing of multiple documents.  Both features make it easy to file the same type of document to different cases in one operation.  The basic difference is that the Batch process offers the association of a different PDF file for each case, while Multi-Case uses the same PDF file for each case being processed. 

Each case included in Batch or Multi-Case will share identical docket text.  PDF documents for events used for Batch filings can include different language, party names, dates and case numbers, while a Multi-Case event will be used for a PDF document with standardized text.

One Notice of Electronic Filing will be generated which includes information from all the cases processed.

An event listed under either Batch or Multi-Case will also be available under another menu category so the same event can be docketed separately as well. 

Batch Filing

Multi-Case Filing

Multi-Case filing will contain standard "boiler plate" language that applies to every case in the process because the document and docket text will be identical in each case.  The same PDF image of the document is used for each case.

Updated:  July 14, 2003