Reaffirmation of Mediator Qualifications due March 31, 2018.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Reaffirmation of Mediator Qualifications due March 31, 2018

Pursuant to Local Rule 9019-2 (b)(iv), Reaffirmation of Qualifications:

Each applicant accepted for designation to the Register of Mediators shall reaffirm annually the continued existence and accuracy of the qualifications, statements and representations made in the application. The annual reaffirmation shall be submitted to the ADR Program Administrator by March 31st of each year, and shall include a certification of such mediator’s acceptance of, or availability to perform, one pro bono appointment for the current calendar year, and whether the mediator has been selected or appointed as a mediator in a dispute within the preceding three (3) calendar years.

The attached form may be used to recertify and should be emailed to Mediator_reaffirmation@deb.uscourts.govLocal Form 125 Mediator Reaffirmation of Qualifications

The form may also be found on the court’s website under Programs and Services; Mediators; Mediators' Forms.