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Memorandum re Motion to Dismiss

Exide Technologies v. Enersys Delaware, Inc., f/k/a Enersys, Inc., Adv. No. 10-52766 Judge Kevin J. Carey 01/08/2013

amended order regarding NEW CENTURY HOLDING INC., et al memorandum dated 4/24/2008

07-51598 Judge Kevin J. Carey 06/17/2008

Memorandum relating to cross motions for summary judgment and Order denying Newhall's summary judgment motion and denying in part, and granting in part, Defendant's summary judgment motion.

Landsource Communities Development, Inc., 08-11111; Newhall Land and Farming Company v. American Heritage Landscape, L.P., C.A. Rasmussen, Inc., Granite Construction Company, and R&R Pipeline, Inc., Adversary 09-51074. Judge Kevin J. Carey 08/30/2012

In re Tribune Company, et al.

Memorandum and Order Sustaining Objection to Claim of Joann Parker

08-13141 Judge Kevin J. Carey 11/08/2013

PCT v.Robert Wholey & Co., Inc.

05-75117 Judge Kevin J. Carey 05/17/2006

Anita B. Carr v. New Century TRS Holdings, Inc. Order Amending Memorandum

09-52251 Judge Kevin J. Carey 05/20/2011

WCI Communities, INC. et. al

08-11643 Judge Kevin J. Carey 09/01/2010

Tribune Company Memorandum

08-13141 Judge Kevin J. Carey 12/29/2011

In re School Specialty, Inc., et al
Memorandum and Order Denying the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors' Motion to Disallow Bayside's Make Whole Payment (D.I. 475)

13-10125 Judge Kevin J. Carey 04/22/2013


03-11915 Judge Kevin J. Carey 07/30/2009

JOHN WAHOSKI, as Liquidating Trustee of Pillowtex Corporation v. CLASSIC PACKAGING COMPANY (Opinion) (In re PILLOWTEX CORPORATION, ET AL., 03-12339)

05-30182 Judge Kevin J. Carey 04/14/2010

Order dismissing adversary proceeding.

Exide Technologies v. Enersys Delaware, Inc., f/k/a Enersys, Inc., Adv. No. 10-52766 Judge Kevin J. Carey 01/08/2013

IMMC Liquidating Estate Memorandum and Order

10-53063 Judge Kevin J. Carey 12/29/2011


04-56478 Judge Kevin J. Carey 01/03/2008


09-11296 Judge Kevin J. Carey 10/27/2009


09-11296 Judge Kevin J. Carey 11/22/2010

VeraSun Energy Corporation, et al. v. West Plains Company

11-53143 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 06/28/2013

PJ Finance Company, LLC, et al.

11-10688 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 11/20/2012

Patricia Haman

06-10857 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 04/20/2007

Jerome and Nancy Juvennelliano

10-12221 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 09/07/2011

WL HOMES, LLC, et al. v WACHOVIA BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, a national banking association

09-50514 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 05/25/2011

Thomas Bruce Wilmoth and Donna Marie Wilmoth

12-12259 (BLS) Judge Brendan L. Shannon 04/15/2014

AMP'D Mobile

07-51607 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 11/09/2007

MARIE S. HENDRY, Administratrix of the Estate of David J. Hendry v GORDON G. HENDRY (in re Gordon G. Hendry, 06-11364)

08-51871 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 04/09/2010

Taylor-Wharton International, LLC, et al v. Winford Charles Blasingame, Sandra Blasingame, Harry Franklin Brook, Terri Linn Brook, and Harsco Corporation, (in reTaylor-Wharton International LLC, et al., 09-14089)

10-52792 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 11/23/2010