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Case Name Case Number Judge Date Issuedsort ascending

In re:  CWC Liquidation Inc.

14-10867 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 02/01/2017

In re:  Essar Steel Minnesota LLC and ESML Holdings, Inc.

16-11626 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 01/30/2017

Dex Media, Inc. v. Yellow Pages Photos, Inc. (In re Dex Media, Inc., et al.)

16-51026 Judge Kevin Gross 01/19/2017

In re:  Ralph J. Givens

09-14401 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 01/17/2017

George L. Miller, Chapter 7 Trustee for the Estate of WL Homes, LLC, et al. v. Zurich American Insurance Company, Zurich North America and Steadfast Insurance Company

11-50839 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 01/10/2017

In re FAH Liquidating Corp., et al (f/k/a/ Fisker Automotive Holdings, Inc.)

13013087 Judge Kevin Gross 01/10/2017

In re City Sports, Inc., et al.

15-12054 Judge Kevin Gross 01/06/2017

Charles A. Stanziale, Jr., Chapter 7 Trustee v. Versa Capital Management, LLC, et al. (In re Simplexity, LLC, et al. - Case No. 14-10569)

16-50212 Judge Kevin Gross 01/05/2017

In re: Molycorp, Inc., Reorganized Debtor.

15-11357 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 01/05/2017

In re City Sports, Inc., et al.

15-12054 Judge Kevin Gross 01/03/2017

In re W.R. Grace & Co., et al.

01-1139 Judge Kevin Gross 12/28/2016

In Re: Energy Future Holdings Corp., et al., Debtors

14-10979 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 12/19/2016

in re Abeinsa Holdings Inc., et al. -- Opinion on Confirmation of the Debtors' Modified First Amended Plans of Reorganization and Liquidation and Order Amending Opinion on Confirmation dated December 14, 2016.

16-10790 Judge Kevin J. Carey 12/15/2016

United Tax Group, LLC (Case No. 14-10486)  - George L. Miller, v. Edward Welke - MEMORANDUM OPINION - (Adv. No. 16-50088)

16-50088 Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein 12/13/2016

United Tax Group, LLC - Memorandum Order Denying Motion to Dismiss Bankruptcy Case - Case No. 14-10486

14-10486 Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein 12/12/2016

Millennium Lab Holdings II, LLC, et. al., Case. No. 15-12284 -  MEMORANDUM & ORDER

15-12284 Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein 12/02/2016

Daniel B. Warman and Dawn R. Warman v. CCO Mortgage

16-50029 Judge Brendan L. Shannon 12/02/2016

Altegrity, Inc. et al., Case No. 15-10226 - MEMORANDUM -

15-10226 Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein 11/28/2016

In re Orleans Homebuilders, Inc., et al. -- Opinion and Order Granting, in part, Motion to Enforce Plan Injunction and Related Provisions

10-10684 Judge Kevin J. Carey 11/21/2016

In re: Energy Future Holdings Corp., et al., Debtors., Delaware Trust Company, as TCEH First Lien Indenture Trustee, Plaintiff v. Wilmington Trust, N.A., as First Lien Collateral Agent and First Lien Administrative Agent, Defendant. v. Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc., J. Aron & Company, and Titan Investment Holdings.  Memorandum Order

14-10979, 15-51239 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 11/17/2016

Maxus Energy Corporation, et al., Debtors., New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, et al., Plaintiff v. Occidental Chemical Corporation, et al., Defendants.

16-11501, 16-51025 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 11/15/2016

In re: Paragon Offshore PLC, et al., Debtors

16-10386 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 11/15/2016

In re Asbestos Cases, Case No. 00-3837, et seq.

00-3837, 00-4471, 01-1139, 01-2094, 01-2471, 02-10429, 02-12687, 03-10495, 04-11300 Judge Kevin Gross 11/08/2016

In re: Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited (In Special Liquidation), Debtor in a foreign proceeding.

13-12159 Judge Christopher S. Sontchi 11/07/2016

Hercules Offshore, Inc., et. al -- Opinion on Confirmation

16-11385 Judge Kevin J. Carey 11/01/2016