Rule 1007-1 Lists, Schedules and Statements.

  1. Required Lists, Schedules and Statements. Required lists, schedules and statements of financial affairs shall be filed in accordance with the Fed. R. Bankr. P., the Code and these Local Rules and shall be in compliance with the appropriate Official Form and Local Forms, if any.  The Clerk's Office Procedures should be consulted for a list of such requirements.
  2. Time for Filing Schedules and Statement of Financial Affairs in a Voluntary Chapter 11 Case.  In a voluntary chapter 11 case, if the bankruptcy petition is accompanied by a list of all the debtor's creditors and their addresses, in accordance with Local Rule 1007-2, and if the total number of creditors in the debtor's case (or, in the case of jointly administered cases, the debtors' cases) exceeds 200, the time within which the debtor shall file its Schedules and Statement of Financial Affairs required under the Fed. R. Bankr. P. shall be extended to thirty (30) days from the petition date.  Any further extension shall be granted, for cause, only upon filing of a motion by the debtor on notice in accordance with these Local Rules.
  3. Filing of Schedules in Jointly Administered Chapter 11 Cases.  Notwithstanding any order jointly administering related cases, Schedules and Statements of Financial Affairs and any amendments thereto shall be filed for each debtor and docketed in that debtor's case, as well as in the main case.  The statistical information requested by CM/ECF upon docketing shall be filled out for each separate debtor.