Recently Filed Chapter 11/15s - Past 45 Days

Case NumberChapterCaseDate FiledJudge
15-10104-LSS 11 Hipcricket, Inc., a Delaware Corporation 1/20/2015Silverstein
15-10084-CSS 11 Wet Seal GC, LLC 1/15/2015Sontchi
15-10083-CSS 11 Wet Seal Catalog, Inc. 1/15/2015Sontchi
15-10082-CSS 11 The Wet Seal Retail, Inc.1/15/2015Sontchi
15-10081-CSS 11 The Wet Seal, Inc. 1/15/2015Sontchi
15-10056-CSS 11 Suntech Arizona, Inc.1/12/2015Sontchi
15-10054-CSS 11 Suntech America, Inc. 1/12/2015Sontchi
15-10047-KG 11 Caesars Entertainment Operating Company, Inc. 1/12/2015Gross
14-12818-BLS 11 Egenix, Inc.12/28/2014Shannon