Recently Filed Chapter 11/15s - Past 45 Days

Case NumberChapterCaseDate FiledJudge
18-10679-CSS 11 Candi Controls, Inc. 3/23/2018Sontchi
18-10676-KJC 11 M16 Kirkstead Holding Company, LLC3/23/2018Carey
18-10675-KJC 11 Kirkstead Investments, LLC3/23/2018Carey
18-10674-KJC 11 H10 Deerfield Park Holding Company, LLC3/23/2018Carey
18-10673-KJC 11 Deerfield Park Investments, LLC3/23/2018Carey
18-10672-KJC 11 Buggy Circle Holdings, LLC3/23/2018Carey
18-10671-KJC 11 Blazingstar Funding, LLC3/23/2018Carey
18-10670-KJC 11 695 Buggy Circle, LLC3/23/2018Carey
18-10655-MFW 11 Scream 2 TC Borrower, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10654-MFW 11 PS Post LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10653-MFW 11 Paddington 2, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10652-MFW 11 PA Entity 2017, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10651-MFW 11 TWC Untouchable SPV, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10650-MFW 11 One Chance LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10649-MFW 11 TWC Short Films, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10648-MFW 11 TWC Replenish Borrower, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10647-MFW 11 MarcoTwo, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10646-MFW 11 TWC Production, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10645-MFW 11 ISED, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10644-MFW 11 InteliPartners LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10643-MFW 11 TWC Production-Acquisition Borrower 2016, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10642-MFW 11 InDirections LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10641-MFW 11 TWC Polaroid SPV, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10640-MFW 11 WTV Yellowstone SPV, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10639-MFW 11 HRK Films, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10638-MFW 11 TWC Mist, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10637-MFW 11 WTV Scream 3 SPV, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10636-MFW 11 TWC Loop LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10635-MFW 11 WTV Kalief Browder Borrower, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10634-MFW 11 FFPAD, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10633-MFW 11 TWC Library Songs (BMI), LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10632-MFW 11 WTV JCP Borrower 2017, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10631-MFW 11 DRT Rights Management LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10630-MFW 11 TWC Fearless Borrower, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10629-MFW 11 WTV Guantanamo SPV, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10628-MFW 11 TWC Domestic LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10627-MFW 11 DRT Films, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10626-MFW 11 Weinstein Television LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10625-MFW 11 TWC Borrower 2016, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10624-MFW 11 Weinstein Productions LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10623-MFW 11 Current War SPV, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10622-MFW 11 Tulip Fever LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10621-MFW 11 Weinstein Global Film Corp.3/19/2018Walrath
18-10620-MFW 11 The Weinstein Company LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10619-MFW 11 Cues TWC (ASCAP), LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10618-MFW 11 Weinstein Global Funding Corp.3/19/2018Walrath
18-10617-MFW 11 The Giver SPV, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10616-MFW 11 Weinstein Development LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10615-MFW 11 CTHD 2 LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10614-MFW 11 The Actors Group LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10613-MFW 11 Weinstein Books, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10612-MFW 11 Team Players LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10611-MFW 11 WC Film Completions, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10610-MFW 11 Check Hook LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10609-MFW 11 Spy Kids TV Borrower, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10608-MFW 11 W Acquisition Company LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10607-MFW 11 Branded Partners LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10606-MFW 11 Twenty O Five Holdings, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10605-MFW 11 Small Screen Trades LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10604-MFW 11 Small Screen Productions LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10603-MFW 11 TWC Waco SPV, LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10602-MFW 11 Avenging Eagle SPV, LLC 3/19/2018Walrath
18-10601-MFW 11 The Weinstein Company Holdings LLC3/19/2018Walrath
18-10590-MFW 11 CSI Canada LLC 3/19/2018Walrath
18-10589-MFW 11 BMS Distributing Corp. 3/19/2018Walrath
18-10588-MFW 11 Claire's Canada Corp. 3/19/2018Walrath
18-10587-MFW 11 Claire's Boutiques, Inc. 3/19/2018Walrath
18-10586-MFW 11 CBI Distributing Corp. 3/19/2018Walrath
18-10585-MFW 11 Claire's Puerto Rico Corp. 3/19/2018Walrath
18-10584-MFW 11 Claire's Stores, Inc. 3/19/2018Walrath
18-10583-MFW 11 Claire's Inc. 3/19/2018Walrath
18-10580-LSS 11 Augustus Energy Resources, LLC3/16/2018Silverstein
18-10518-KG 11 Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc.3/12/2018Gross
18-10517-CSS 11 Zohar CDO 2003-1, Limited 3/11/2018Sontchi
18-10516-CSS 11 Zohar II 2005-1, Limited 3/11/2018Sontchi
18-10515-CSS 11 Zohar III, Limited 3/11/2018Sontchi
18-10514-CSS 11 Zohar CDO 2003-1, Corp.3/11/2018Sontchi
18-10513-CSS 11 Zohar II 2005-1 Corp. 3/11/2018Sontchi
18-10512-CSS 11 Zohar III, Corp. 3/11/2018Sontchi
18-10508-KJC 11 Wall 123, LLC3/9/2018Carey
18-10507-KJC 11 Bellflower Funding, LLC3/9/2018Carey
18-10477-LSS 11 FootSmart, Inc.3/6/2018Silverstein
18-10476-LSS 11 Big Dog USA, Inc.3/6/2018Silverstein
18-10475-LSS 11 The Walking Company3/6/2018Silverstein
18-10474-LSS 11 The Walking Company Holdings, Inc.3/6/2018Silverstein
18-10467-KG 11 HCR ManorCare, Inc.3/4/2018Gross
18-10395-KJC 11 Jet Midwest Group, LLC 2/26/2018Carey
18-10387-MFW 11 Hodyon Finance, Inc. 2/26/2018Walrath
18-10386-MFW 11 Hodyon, Inc. 2/26/2018Walrath
18-10385-MFW 11 Fallbrook Technologies International Co. 2/26/2018Walrath
18-10384-MFW 11 Fallbrook Technologies Inc.2/26/2018Walrath
18-10346-KJC 11 Red Rump Tarantula Limited2/17/2018Carey
18-10345-KJC 11 Desert Blonde Tarantula Limited2/17/2018Carey
18-10344-KJC 11 Pinktoe Tarantula Limited2/17/2018Carey
18-10298-KJC 11 Springvale Investments, LLC2/9/2018Carey
18-10297-KJC 11 Sachs Bridge Investments, LLC2/9/2018Carey
18-10296-KJC 11 Pennhurst Investments, LLC2/9/2018Carey
18-10295-KJC 11 M96 Lilac Valley Holding Company, LLC2/9/2018Carey
18-10294-KJC 11 M58 Springvale Holding Company, LLC2/9/2018Carey
18-10293-KJC 11 Massabesic Investments, LLC 2/9/2018Carey
18-10292-KJC 11 Lilac Valley Investments, LLC2/9/2018Carey
18-10291-KJC 11 Hawthorn Investments, LLC2/9/2018Carey
18-10290-KJC 11 H64 Pennhurst Holding Company, LLC2/9/2018Carey
18-10289-KJC 11 H50 Sachs Bridge Holding Company, LLC2/9/2018Carey
18-10288-KJC 11 H33 Hawthorn Holding Company, LLC2/9/2018Carey
18-10287-KJC 11 H18 Massabesic Holding Company, LLC2/9/2018Carey
18-10286-KJC 11 Carbondale Peaks Lot L-12/9/2018Carey
18-10284-KJC 11 Carbondale Glen Lot L-2, LLC2/9/2018Carey