Recently Filed Chapter 11/15s - Past 45 Days

Case NumberChapterCaseDate FiledJudge
15-10458 11 Cal Dive International, Inc. 3/3/2015 
15-10443-MFW 11 Michael A. Stortini3/2/2015Walrath
15-10381-KJC 11 Boulder Intraoperative Monitoring, LLC 2/24/2015Carey
15-10380-KJC 11 Topeka Intraoperative Monitoring, LLC 2/24/2015Carey
15-10379-KJC 11 Riverside Intraoperative Monitoring, LLC 2/24/2015Carey
15-10378-KJC 11 ProNerve Technologies, LLC 2/24/2015Carey
15-10377-KJC 11 Eugene Intraoperative Monitoring, LLC 2/24/2015Carey
15-10376-KJC 11 Denver South Intraoperative Monitoring, LLC 2/24/2015Carey
15-10375-KJC 11 Colorado Intraoperative Monitoring, LLC 2/24/2015Carey
15-10374-KJC 11 ProNerve, LLC 2/24/2015Carey
15-10373-KJC 11 ProNerve Holdings, LLC 2/24/2015Carey
15-10334-KJC 11 Viasoft International, LLC2/18/2015Carey
15-10333-KJC 11 ASG Federal, Inc.2/18/2015Carey
15-10332-KJC 11 Allen Systems Group, Inc.2/18/2015Carey
15-10327-LSS 11 Saladworks, LLC 2/17/2015Silverstein
15-10264-LSS 11 USIS Worldwide, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10263-LSS 11 USIS International, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10262-LSS 11 US Investigations Services, LLC 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10261-LSS 11 The Official Information Company 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10260-LSS 11 Personnel Records International, LLC 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10259-LSS 11 Ontrack Data Recovery, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10258-LSS 11 National Diagnostics, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10257-LSS 11 Kroll Security Group, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10256-LSS 11 Kroll Recovery LLC 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10255-LSS 11 Kroll Ontrack Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10254-LSS 11 Kroll International, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10253-LSS 11 Kroll Information Services, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10252-LSS 11 Kroll Information Assurance, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10251-LSS 11 Kroll Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10250-LSS 11 Kroll Holdings, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10249-LSS 11 Kroll Factual Data, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10248-LSS 11 Kroll Cyber Security, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10247-LSS 11 Kroll Crisis Management Group, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10246-LSS 11 Kroll Background America, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10245-LSS 11 Kroll Associates, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10244-LSS 11 KIA Holding, LLC 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10243-LSS 11 KCMS, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10242-LSS 11 John D. Cohen, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10241-LSS 11 HireRight, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10240-LSS 11 HireRight Technologies Group, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10239-LSS 11 HireRight Solutions, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10238-LSS 11 HireRight Records Services, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10237-LSS 11 FDC Acquisition, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10236-LSS 11 Engenium Corporation 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10235-LSS 11 D, D & C, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10234-LSS 11 CVM Solutions, LLC 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10232-LSS 11 Altegrity Security Consulting, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10231-LSS 11 Altegrity Risk International LLC 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10230-LSS 11 Altegrity Holding Corp 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10229-LSS 11 Altegrity Acquisition Corp. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10228-LSS 11 Albatross Marketing and Trading, LLC 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10227-LSS 11 Albatross Holding Company, LLC2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10226-LSS 11 Altegrity, Inc. 2/8/2015Silverstein
15-10217-BLS 11 TRS Quality, Inc.2/5/2015Shannon
15-10215-BLS 11 Trade and Save LLC2/5/2015Shannon
15-10214-BLS 11 TE Electronics LP2/5/2015Shannon
15-10213-BLS 11 Tandy International Corporation2/5/2015Shannon
15-10212-BLS 11 Tandy Holdings, Inc.2/5/2015Shannon
15-10211-BLS 11 Tandy Finance Corporation2/5/2015Shannon
15-10210-BLS 11 SCK, Inc.2/5/2015Shannon
15-10209-BLS 11 RSIgnite, LLC2/5/2015Shannon
15-10208-BLS 11 RS Ig Holdings Incorporated2/5/2015Shannon
15-10207-BLS 11 RadioShack Global Sourcing, Inc.2/5/2015Shannon
15-10206-BLS 11 RadioShack Global Sourcing Limited Partnership2/5/2015Shannon
15-10204-BLS 11 RadioShack Global Sourcing Corporation2/5/2015Shannon
15-10203-BLS 11 RadioShack Customer Service LLC2/5/2015Shannon
15-10202-BLS 11 Merchandising Support Services, Inc.2/5/2015Shannon
15-10201-BLS 11 ITC Services, Inc.2/5/2015Shannon
15-10200-BLS 11 Ignition L.P.2/5/2015Shannon
15-10199-BLS 11 Atlantic Retail Ventures, Inc.2/5/2015Shannon
15-10197-BLS 11 RadioShack Corporation2/5/2015Shannon
15-10174-MFW 11 Cache of Virginia, Inc. 2/4/2015Walrath
15-10173-MFW 11 Cache of Las Vegas, Inc.2/4/2015Walrath
15-10172-MFW 11 Cache, Inc.2/4/2015Walrath
15-10104-LSS 11 Hipcricket, Inc., a Delaware Corporation 1/20/2015Silverstein