Recently Filed Chapter 11/15s - Past 45 Days

Case NumberChapterCaseDate FiledJudge
14-10897-KJC 11 Beverly Hills Bancorp Inc.4/15/2014Carey
14-10874-BLS 11 CWC Sourcing LLC4/11/2014Shannon
14-10873-BLS 11 Coldwater Creek Sourcing Inc. 4/11/2014Shannon
14-10872-BLS 11 Coldwater Creek Merchandising & Logistics Inc. 4/11/2014Shannon
14-10871-BLS 11 CWC Rewards Inc.4/11/2014Shannon
14-10870-BLS 11 Coldwater Creek The Spa Inc. 4/11/2014Shannon
14-10869-BLS 11 Aspenwood Advertising, Inc. 4/11/2014Shannon
14-10868-BLS 11 Coldwater Creek U.S. Inc. 4/11/2014Shannon
14-10867-BLS 11 Coldwater Creek Inc.4/11/2014Shannon
14-10853-CSS 11 Glacial Energy VI, LLC 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10852-CSS 11 Ziphany, L.L.C. 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10851-CSS 11 Negawatt Business Solutions, Inc. 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10850-CSS 11 Negawatt Business Solutions 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10849-CSS 11 Glacial Natural Gas, Inc. 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10848-CSS 11 Glacial Energy of Michigan, Inc. 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10847-CSS 11 Glacial Energy of Ohio, Inc. 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10846-CSS 11 Glacial Energy of Washington DC, Inc. 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10845-CSS 11 Glacial Energy of Texas 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10843-CSS 11 Glacial Energy of Pennsylvania, Inc. 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10841-CSS 11 Glacial Energy of New Jersey, Inc. 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10840-CSS 11 Glacial Energy of Illinois, Inc. 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10839-CSS 11 Glacial Energy of California, Inc. 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10838-CSS 11 Glacial Energy of Maryland, Inc. 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10837-CSS 11 Glacial Energy of New England, Inc. 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10836-CSS 11 Glacial Energy of New York 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10835-CSS 11 Glacial Energy, Inc. 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10834-CSS 11 Glacial Energy Holdings 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10833-CSS 11 Gridway Energy Holdings, Inc. 4/10/2014Sontchi
14-10791-PJW 11 DynaVox Inc.4/7/2014Walsh
14-10790-PJW 11 DynaVox Systems Holdings LLC 4/7/2014Walsh
14-10785-PJW 11 DynaVox Intermediate LLC4/6/2014Walsh
14-10763-BLS 11 Brookstone Properties, Inc. 4/3/2014Shannon
14-10762-BLS 11 Brookstone Holdings, Inc 4/3/2014Shannon
14-10761-BLS 11 Big Blue Audio LLC 4/3/2014Shannon
14-10760-BLS 11 Brookstone Military Sales, Inc. 4/3/2014Shannon
14-10759-BLS 11 Gardeners Eden, Inc. 4/3/2014Shannon
14-10758-BLS 11 Brookstone Stores, Inc. 4/3/2014Shannon
14-10757-BLS 11 Brookstone Purchasing, Inc. 4/3/2014Shannon
14-10756-BLS 11 Brookstone International Holdings, Inc. 4/3/2014Shannon
14-10755-BLS 11 Brookstone Retail Puerto Rico, Inc.4/3/2014Shannon
14-10754-BLS 11 Brookstone Company, Inc.4/3/2014Shannon
14-10753-BLS 11 Brookstone, Inc. 4/3/2014Shannon
14-10752-BLS 11 Brookstone Holdings Corp. 4/3/2014Shannon
14-10738-KJC 11 Westaff (USA), Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10737-KJC 11 Westaff Support, Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10736-KJC 11 Tandem Staffing Solutions, Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10735-KJC 11 Select Trucking Services, Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10734-KJC 11 Select Temporaries, Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10733-KJC 11 Select Personnel Services, Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10732-KJC 11 Select PEO, Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10731-KJC 11 Select Nursing Services, Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10730-KJC 11 Select Corporation 4/1/2014Carey
14-10729-KJC 11 RemSC, LLC 4/1/2014Carey
14-10728-KJC 11 Westaff, Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10727-KJC 11 RemUT, LLC 4/1/2014Carey
14-10726-KJC 11 Select Specialized Staffing, Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10725-KJC 11 RemX, Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10724-KJC 11 Remedy Temporary Services, Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10723-KJC 11 RemedyTemp, Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10722-KJC 11 Remedy Staffing, Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10721-KJC 11 Remedy Intelligent Staffing, Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10720-KJC 11 Real Time Staffing Services, Inc. 4/1/2014Carey
14-10719-KJC 11 New Koosharem Corporation 4/1/2014Carey
14-10718-KJC 11 Koosharem, LLC 4/1/2014Carey
14-10717-KJC 11 Ablest, Inc.4/1/2014Carey
14-10663-KG 11 Allonhill, LLC 3/26/2014Gross
14-10637-BLS 11 The Journal Record Publishing Co., LLC 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10636-BLS 11 NOPG, L.L.C. 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10635-BLS 11 The Daily Record Company LLC3/23/2014Shannon
14-10634-BLS 11 New Orleans Publishing Group, L.L.C.3/23/2014Shannon
14-10633-BLS 11 National Default Exchange Holdings, LLC 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10632-BLS 11 Legislative Information Services of America, LLC 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10631-BLS 11 Missouri Lawyers Media, LLC 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10630-BLS 11 Long Island Business News, LLC 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10629-BLS 11 Lawyer's Weekly, LLC 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10628-BLS 11 Idaho Business Review LLC 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10627-BLS 11 Dolan APC LLC3/23/2014Shannon
14-10626-BLS 11 Finance and Commerce, Inc. 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10625-BLS 11 Federal News Service LLC3/23/2014Shannon
14-10624-BLS 11 Dolan Publishing Finance Company3/23/2014Shannon
14-10623-BLS 11 Dolan Media Holding Company3/23/2014Shannon
14-10622-BLS 11 Dolan Publishing Company 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10621-BLS 11 DataStream Content Solutions, LLC 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10620-BLS 11 Daily Reporter Publishing Company 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10619-BLS 11 Daily Journal of Commerce, Inc. 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10618-BLS 11 Counsel Press, LLC 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10617-BLS 11 assure360, LLC 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10616-BLS 11 Arizona News Service, LLC 3/23/2014Shannon
14-10615-BLS 11 American Processing Company, LLC3/23/2014Shannon
14-10614-BLS 11 The Dolan Company3/23/2014Shannon
14-10603-CSS 11 Money Centers of America, Inc. 3/21/2014Sontchi
14-10571-KG 11 Adeptio INPC Holdings, LLC 3/16/2014Gross
14-10570-KG 11 Simplexity Services, LLC 3/16/2014Gross
14-10569-KG 11 Simplexity, LLC3/16/2014Gross
14-10557-PJW 11 Quiznos Global LLC3/14/2014Walsh
14-10556-PJW 11 Quiznos Canada Holding LLC3/14/2014Walsh
14-10555-PJW 11 TQSC II LLC3/14/2014Walsh
14-10554-PJW 11 The Quizno's Operating Company LLC3/14/2014Walsh
14-10553-PJW 11 The Regional Advertising Program Trust3/14/2014Walsh
14-10552-PJW 11 Restaurant Realty LLC3/14/2014Walsh
14-10551-PJW 11 Quiz-CAN LLC3/14/2014Walsh
14-10550-PJW 11 QIP Holder LLC3/14/2014Walsh
14-10549-PJW 11 The Quizno's Master LLC3/14/2014Walsh
14-10548-PJW 11 QFA Royalties LLC3/14/2014Walsh
14-10547-PJW 11 QCE LLC3/14/2014Walsh
14-10546-PJW 11 QAFT, Inc.3/14/2014Walsh
14-10545-PJW 11 National Marketing Fund Trust3/14/2014Walsh
14-10544-PJW 11 American Food Distributors LLC3/14/2014Walsh
14-10543-PJW 11 QCE Finance LLC3/14/2014Walsh
14-10520-MFW 11 Prospect Park Networks, LLC3/10/2014Walrath
14-10492-MFW 11 Lexell, LLC3/6/2014Walrath
14-10491-MFW 11 Ferris Properties, Inc.3/6/2014Walrath
14-10475-CSS 11 USEC Inc. 3/5/2014Sontchi