Recently Filed Chapter 11/15s - Past 45 Days

Case NumberChapterCaseDate FiledJudge
17-10389-CSS 11 Pursuit Holdings (NY), LLC 2/20/2017Sontchi
17-10356-KG 11 Calrissian LP 2/15/2017Gross
17-10277-LSS 11 UR Vehicle Management Solutions, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10276-LSS 11 URS Leasing, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10275-LSS 11 UR VMS, LLC 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10274-LSS 11 CSCBD, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10273-LSS 11 Rancho Del Oro Companies, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10272-LSS 11 Arri Brothers, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10271-LSS 11 United Road Towing Services, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10270-LSS 11 Rapid Recovery Incorporated2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10269-LSS 11 United Road Towing South Florida, Inc.2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10268-LSS 11 Ken Lehman Enterprises, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10267-LSS 11 Sunrise Towing, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10266-LSS 11 E & R Towing & Garage, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10265-LSS 11 Fast Towing, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10264-LSS 11 URS Southwest, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10263-LSS 11 URS Northeast, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10262-LSS 11 URS Southeast, Inc.2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10261-LSS 11 WHW Transport, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10260-LSS 11 Signature Towing, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10259-LSS 11 Mart-Caudle Corporation2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10258-LSS 11 URT Texas, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10257-LSS 11 Ross Baker Towing, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10256-LSS 11 Keystone Towing, Inc.2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10255-LSS 11 Pat's Towing, Inc.2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10254-LSS 11 Export Enterprises of Massachusetts, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10253-LSS 11 Bill & Wag's, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10252-LSS 11 URS West, Inc.2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10251-LSS 11 City Towing, Inc.2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10250-LSS 11 URT Holdings, Inc.2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10249-LSS 11 United Road Towing, Inc. 2/6/2017Silverstein
17-10248-LSS 11 Bob's Stores, LLC2/5/2017Silverstein
17-10247-LSS 11 Eastern Mountain Sports, LLC2/5/2017Silverstein
17-10246-LSS 11 Subortis Retail Financing, LLC2/5/2017Silverstein
17-10245-LSS 11 Bob's/EMS Gift Card, LLC2/5/2017Silverstein
17-10244-LSS 11 Subortis IP Holdings, LLC2/5/2017Silverstein
17-10243-LSS 11 Eastern Outfitters, LLC 2/5/2017Silverstein
17-10231-CSS 11 Mador Financing, LLC 2/2/2017Sontchi
17-10230-CSS 11 The Wet Seal Gift Card, LLC 2/2/2017Sontchi
17-10229-CSS 11 The Wet Seal, LLC 2/2/2017Sontchi
17-10202-LSS 11 Louisiana Medical Center and Heart Hospital, LLC1/30/2017Silverstein
17-10201-LSS 11 LMCHH PCP LLC1/30/2017Silverstein
17-10186-KG 11 Prestige Industries LLC 1/30/2017Gross
17-10179-KG 11 Insightra Medical, Inc.1/27/2017Gross
17-10178-KG 11 Modulare, Inc.1/27/2017Gross
17-10130-LSS 15 Svitlana Romanova and Metinvest B.V.1/17/2017Silverstein
17-10126-KJC 11 The Limited Stores GC, LLC1/17/2017Carey
17-10125-KJC 11 Limited Stores, LLC1/17/2017Carey
17-10124-KJC 11 Limited Stores Company, LLC1/17/2017Carey