Recently Filed Chapter 11/15s - Past 45 Days

Case NumberChapterCaseDate FiledJudge
17-11778-KJC 11 USAE, LLC8/21/2017Carey
17-11752-KJC 11 Speed Vegas, LLC 8/12/2017Carey
17-11738-BLS 11 ZJ Gifts M-3, L.L.C.8/10/2017Shannon
17-11737-BLS 11 ZJ Gifts M-2, L.L.C.8/10/2017Shannon
17-11736-BLS 11 ZJ Gifts M-1, L.L.C.8/10/2017Shannon
17-11735-BLS 11 ZJ Gifts I-1, L.L.C.8/10/2017Shannon
17-11734-BLS 11 ZJ Gifts F-6, L.L.C.8/10/2017Shannon
17-11733-BLS 11 ZJ Gifts F-5, L.L.C.8/10/2017Shannon
17-11732-BLS 11 ZJ Gifts F-4, L.L.C.8/10/2017Shannon
17-11731-BLS 11 ZJ Gifts F-3, L.L.C.8/10/2017Shannon
17-11730-BLS 11 ZJ Gifts F-2, L.L.C.8/10/2017Shannon
17-11729-BLS 11 Charter Smith Sanhueza Retail, Inc.8/10/2017Shannon
17-11728-BLS 11 Condom Revolution, Inc.8/10/2017Shannon
17-11727-BLS 11 Conrev, Inc.8/10/2017Shannon
17-11726-BLS 11 Peekay Spa, LLC 8/10/2017Shannon
17-11725-BLS 11 Christals Acquisition, LLC8/10/2017Shannon
17-11724-BLS 11 Peekay Boutiques, Inc.8/10/2017Shannon
17-11723-BLS 11 Peekay, Inc.8/10/2017Shannon
17-11722-BLS 11 Peekay Acquisition, LLC8/10/2017Shannon
17-11715-BLS 15 Takata Corporation and Takata Service Corporation8/9/2017Shannon
17-11714-BLS 15 Takata Corporation and Takata Kyushu Corporation8/9/2017Shannon
17-11713-BLS 15 Takata Corporation and Takata Corporation 8/9/2017Shannon
17-11657-CSS 11 Solazyme Manufacturing 1, LLC8/2/2017Sontchi
17-11656-CSS 11 Solazyme Brazil LLC8/2/2017Sontchi
17-11655-CSS 11 TerraVia Holdings, Inc.8/2/2017Sontchi
17-11593-LSS 11 Bundy American, LLC7/24/2017Silverstein
17-11592-LSS 11 Rent-A-Wreck of America, Inc.7/24/2017Silverstein
17-11575-CSS 11 Paragon Offshore plc (in administration) 7/20/2017Sontchi
17-11574-CSS 11 Prospector Rig 5 Contracting Company S.a r.l. 7/20/2017Sontchi
17-11573-CSS 11 Prospector Rig 1 Contracting Company S.a r.l. 7/20/2017Sontchi
17-11572-CSS 11 Prospector Offshore Drilling S.a r.l. 7/20/2017Sontchi
17-11502-KG 11 Short Bark Industries, Inc. 7/10/2017Gross
17-11501-KG 11 EXO SBI, LLC 7/10/2017Gross